Kaz James & Nick Morgan Remix Jefferson Airplane

Kaz James and Nick Morgan have remixed Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit,’ a band widely regarded as of the pioneers of psychedelic rock.

Remixing music is not an easy task. The task is not just reworking the original, but giving it the justice it deserves through a rendition, which is especially difficult when dealing with bonafide classics. Australian DJ and producer Kaz James, along with the Canadian-born Mykonos-based wizard Nick Morgan, understood this memo and took it upon themselves to rework a legendary single to perfection.

With one of the most exciting portfolios in electronic music, DJ, producer, label boss, and entrepreneur Kaz James has firmly established himself at the forefront of dance music for more than a decade. An avid record collector, vinyl enthusiast and a classically trained musician with an impeccable ear for sounds of all genres, Kaz is a regular feature behind some of the world’s most revered DJ booths.

Mentored and supported by some of the top names in the underground scene, including industry pioneers like Guy Gerber, Blondish and DJ Tennis, Nick Morgan is a DJ and producer who wears many hats when it comes to electronic music. His unique artistic vision and insurmountable creative flair have already made him an indelible force in electronic music.

Having previously worked together on five collaborative releases, Kaz James and Nick Morgan have teamed up once again to deliver a huge new remix of Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 single ‘White Rabbit.’ Credited for being one of the pioneers of psychedelic rock, Jefferson Airplane defined the San Francisco sound in the ’60s while ‘White Rabbit’ received several accolades making the band one of the hottest groups in America.

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Out now via Three Six Zero Recordings, the remix sees Kaz and Nick breathe pulsating house energy into Jefferson Airplane’s psychedelic lyrics and trippy sound palette. A chugging six-minute cut that captivates from the off, the in-form producers pull out all of the stops to conjure a deeply atmospheric, club-ready edit that ebbs and flows with impressive dynamism across its duration.

Speaking about the record, Kaz commented: “It’s a real honour for us to have Jefferson Airplane’s blessing to release this remix. We made this record over two years ago and it’s been the biggest record in all our sets ever since. It’s been a long time coming. Nick and I are super excited to finally release it to the world.”

Riding a wave of success off the back of his huge 2022 anthem Footprints, and now an official remix for Jefferson Airplane’s iconic hit single, Kaz James now looks to continue his emphatic run of first-rate studio output.

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