TFword Review: Kalane’s ‘We Of Them’ EP

Making his third appearance on Yamatai Records, Kalane champions both the sound that he believes in and Yamatai’s ethos to perfection on the 4-track EP.

Being the first artist to open Yamatai Records’ catalog in 2021, the Reading-based drum & bass producer and DJ shares a long-standing relationship with the label. With a penchant for the obscure end of the genre, Kalane’s output leans towards a minimal vibe that is heavily influenced by industrial and techy sounds.

Along with being a regular on Yamatai Records, Kalane has also released his music on prestigious labels such as Trust Audio and Ekou Recordings with the most recent one coming on Bristol-based drum & bass promoter, The Juicebox.

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Now, for his first release of 2023, Kalane has returned to Yamatai for a belting 4-tracker called the ‘We Of Them’ EP. Bringing his gnarly and aggressive style of productions to the fore for his third full appearance on the label, Kalane has delivered three exhilarating cuts of deep, dark and hypnotic drum & bass music, with the final tune of the EP being a collaboration with label boss, Illusive.

The ‘We Of Them’ EP begins with ‘Ark,’ a no-nonsense drum & bass bubbler that emphasizes heavily on razor-sharp drum work and heavier bassline elements. Next tune ‘Empire Cephalopod’ amps up the pace of the EP with a pulsating intro before crashing into a militant kick-drum rhythm and intense bass hits. The title track is as unique as they come where the tune travels between minimal and jump-up territory without losing its sonic exclusivity.

The final tune ‘Tungsten’ is a collaboration with Yamatai Records boss Illusive, where the pair blend their detailed and forward-thinking compositions into a tune that exemplifies Kalane’s trademark sound while underscoring the ethos Yamatai Records stands for.

In just a couple of years since making their first release, Yamatai Records has become the go-to label for deep and underground drum & bass; and this release from Kalane only serves to further highlight the label’s vision for the future. Grab your copy of the EP HERE

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