Tulum Mezcal Festival Returns for 2023 Edition from May 6

Calling all Mezcal enthusiasts! Gather your mugs and gear up for the second Tulum Mezcal Festival, slated for May 6 and 7, in Aloft Tulum, Mexico. Signature drinks, a mezcal tasting featuring premium brands, mouthwatering food, beer, and music are all promised throughout the two-day festival. Tickets for this year’s edition, held near the picturesque Caribbean beach, are powered by The Ticket Fairy.

Tulum Mezcal Festival, first held in September 2022 to commemorate Mexican Independence Day, returns for a second year running. A single-day affair last time out, the organizers then shelled out mezcal-infused cocktails such as Fizz 33, Leonor, Mezcal Mule, Pink Paloma, to name a few. This time around, the fiesta is fanned out over two days during the rainy season showcasing superior Mezcal brands from around Mexico.


For its 2023 edition, Tulum Mezcal Festival offers attendees the chance to try a selection of renowned mezcal brands and the chance to engage with the producers to learn more about the brand’s product, history, and story. Coupled with the tastings, workshops are to be held for fanatics of mezcal to better understand this spirit. Friday, May 5, sees the opening party with live music, food, and the choicest beverages.

A Little About Mezcal:

Mezcal is a very popular spirit in Mexico, similar to tequila, which is produced from the agave plant (Espadín). Based on its method of production, it is classified into mezcal, mezcal artesanal, and mezcal ancestral. Mezcal popularity has grown in the last decade, and according to Global News Wire, the size of the global mezcal market was estimated at 338 million USD in 2022. It is anticipated to reach USD 2115 million by 2031. As the saying goes, “All tequila is mezcal but not all mezcal is tequila!”

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