PAUA to Hold Two-Day Conference in Paris This May

PAUA Paris 2023 invites entrepreneurs and like-minded professionals to mind-altering sessions traversing unknown territories, uncovering ancient technologies, and demonstrating new technologies offering a broader perception of reality. The assembly takes place across two days on May 12 and 13, 2023, at one of the world’s biggest startup campuses, STATION F, in Paris. Tickets for the conference are powered by The Ticket Fairy.

PAUA 2023’s theme is “An exploration of Artificial & Natural Intelligence.” Announced all the way back in January 2023 and billed as the ‘Ancient & Future Technology Conference,’ topics delved into will be the now consistently trending Artificial Intelligence, Web3, the Metaverse, Conscious Capital Conscious Entrepreneurship, and more!
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The first list of keynote speakers revealed includes experienced investor Tim Chang, founder of NIREMIA (Wellbeing Tech) Nichol Bradford, author of The Immortality Key Brian Muraresku, and health guru Mayia Alleaume. Scientist & public health expert Khaliya; co-founder of Animoca Brands and technology entrepreneur Yat Siu; anthropologist and spiritual director Kim Tsai; and psychotherapist Stephanie Canavesio join the esteemed panel. 

Find the entire list of speakers at this year’s PAUA Paris: HERE

Flooded with speeches from a community of visionaries and conscious leaders, the sessions aim to provide the opportunity to develop a new perspective for humanity that presents an optimistic picture of our civilization’s future. PAUA 2023 also seeks to stimulate new possibilities for entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors inspired by visionaries in their respective fields.

For tickets to PAUA Paris 2023, visit The Ticket Fairy: HERE

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