Tansen. and Harshit Chopra Collaborate on New Single, ‘Adhoora’

After releasing a series of triumphant releases such as ‘Fasley’ and ‘Jugnoo’ last year, bedroom producer Tansen. teams up with songwriter Harshit Chopra for the first release of 2023.

The likes of gini, Atteev, and MusicByRohit are some of the Indian independent artists for whom Tansen. has produced in the past couple of years. Their latest addition to the long list of collaborators is singer-songwriter Harshit Chopra. The duo combined forces to develop a studio version of Harshit’s 2020 single, ‘Adhoora.’

Touted as an “emotional ballad,” ‘Adhoora’ hunts through the uninhibited longing of your loved ones’ amidst their absence. The sentiments are stirred further by the delicate strings that ring throughout the song, elevated by the gentle yet husky vocals offered by Harshit.

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Speaking about the decision to revamp ‘Adhoora’ with a studio version, Harshit told us, “‘Adhoora’ was a reason to show people the power of love. When I initially recorded it on my phone and uploaded it, the song saw a lot of traction on different streaming platforms. It was mainly a raw version and due to the love it gathered, Tansen suggested I do this version of it, so I got ahead with it.”

Despite Tansen. exhibiting their production proficiency as an anonymous entity, the creators of ‘Adhoora’ have known each other for nearly three years and were sure that their collaboration would yield to be fruitful. “Being in different cities, we thought that we would face some barriers, but all in all it was unexpectedly easy,” explained Harshit about the process. “He understood how I wanted ‘Adhoora’ (Studio) to be, and he did full justice to it.”

Listen to Adhoora by Harshit Chopra and Tansen: HERE

Find Harshit Chopra on: Instagram | Spotify
Tansen on: Instagram | Spotify

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