Simina Grigoriu Heads To Her Label With New Single

The Romanian-born, Toronto-bred techno sensation has returned to her own imprint for an atmospheric new single called ‘Radiocarbon.’

In a time where the blurring of electronic sounds has led to serious monotony in dance music, the importance of separating yourself from the rest becomes paramount; and Simina Grigoriu possesses this capability in abundance. Simina has created a catalog that is exclusive to her style, combining her trademark spaced-out production style with techno’s piercing schematics.

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Starting off as a DJ, Simina Grigoriu transitioned into producing and launched her own label, Kuukou, which focuses on techno-forward productions alongside releasing music on some of the most respected labels in techno music. After a few releases on other labels, the Romanian-born, Toronto-bred techno sensation has now returned to her own imprint for a sensational single called ‘Radiocarbon.’

Flawlessly executed with the sound that Simina champions, ‘Radiocarbon’ is a refined techno tune that is a testament to Grigoriu’s technical capabilities in the studio. Blending uncompromising percussion with dreamy soundscapes and rapturous vocal chops, the immersive ‘Radiocarbon’ delivers rhythm and melody in equal measure.

Its masterfully layered drum patterns give a nod to the Kuukou label boss’ Berlin base, breeding the city’s techno influence with tight and trippy synth work to create a record that’s both familiar and beautifully progressive.

Launched in 2016, Kuukou Records has served as an invaluable platform for the underground community, sharing the authentic perspectives of established and up-and-coming artists alike. With countless offerings scattered within the imprint’s storied discography, Simina’s latest output on the label is fully reflective of the label’s forward-thinking ethos and allows her to present music with unbounded creativity.

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With the start of the European festival season fast approaching, Simina continues to embrace a sound palette that strikes the perfect balance between techno’s foundational records and modern sensibilities, making her one of the most exciting and authentic artists on the scene today.

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