All You Need to Know About Coalesce Festival 2023

Event promoters Alternate UK and Tuff Life rallies an exciting new music festival springing from the town of Abergavenny in the south of Wales. Coalesce Festival 2023 is set to feature over forty artists spewing out live music and entertainment at Three Pools Farm from May 19 to 22. Electronic artists Chloé Robinson, dBridge, Sam Binga, Nikki Nair, Fracture, and Amy Kisnorbo are among the heavyweights on the line-up! Only Final Release tickets are up for grabs; Hurry! Get yours now from The Ticket Fairy.

Announced in February 2023, the debuting Coalesce Festival will showcase stage takeovers from Exit Records, Pineapple Records, and DJ/producer Chloé Robinson’s label Pretty Weird. Exit Records will puff out owner Darren ‘dBridge’ White, Charlie Fracture, and electronic musician Fixate, while Pineapple Records belts out junglist Sam Binga, techno and dubstep ace Addison Groove, and the alchemist Amy Kisnorbo. Dance floor brainiac Nikki Nair hops on the line-up as part of Nair’s current UK, Europe, and Australia tour, with DJ ADHD rounding off the headling acts.
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The card is also stacked with a stellar line-up of artists designed to excite, inspire and soothe attendees engulfed in sound, courtesy of high-quality sound systems. Rattling out the rest of the performers, the roster brags Drumskull, Revrt, Joe Raygun, Max Hagenbach, Medic MC, Soul Method, Naina, Roy Bar, Sepia, Sam Binary, Knegativ, Joel Deep, Deviant, and Hijinx, to name a few! Naina and Drumskull will deliver a b2b for the first time at the festival.

We got word from artist Revrt, who hyped up the electronic festival saying, “Catch Revrt at Coalesce Festival on Saturday evening. Bringing sounds of Jungle, Drum & Bass & Footwork with his skill set of scratching & pad-drumming thrown in for good measure.”

Coalesce Festival 2023 will sprawl across the 141-acre Three Pools farm for three settings, with live music playing until the wee hours of the night. The organizers aimed for the event to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with every component centered on sustainability and eco-consciousness decisions.

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