TFword’s Selection of The Prototypes’ Best Tracks

Following the announcement of their split, we have selected some of the dynamic drum & bass duo’s finest tunes that have made us stomp our feet.

For more than ten years, The Prototypes have provided us with drum & bass entertainment of the highest quality. Making their debut in 2010, the Brighton-based duo have been the epitome of experimentation of dance floor-focused drum & bass delivered to perfection.

Since dropping “Cascade” on Infrared in 2010, The Prototypes have built a catalog that has placed them in the upper echelons of not just drum & bass, but bass music as a whole. With a wide range of club bangers, besides an odd dive in the atmospheric terrains of drum & bass, The Prototypes have racked up a plethora of seminal releases, including three electrifying studio albums.

After thirteen years of dazzling us with some of the finest DnB music we have heard, The Prototypes called time on their alias a couple of weeks ago, with Chris Garvey from the duo forming his solo Circadian alias. Since we’re still processing the news of The Prototypes’ split, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of their best releases, in our opinion, which demonstrate their greatness.

The duo’s biggest strength was delivering ultimate festival belters, and ‘Lights’ is the prime example of this. The moment this tune dropped, it instantly turned into a club and festival favorite amongst DJs and fans alike. The drums, to begin with, the radiant riser, and then the marauding drop; ‘Lights’ still remains to be a certified drum & bass anthem.

At the peak of their powers, The Prototypes were belting bangers like there was no tomorrow. Like the tune above, ‘Electric’ turned into an instant classic after the duo played it across clubs and festivals in Europe until its release. It is also a track that filled up the temple stage at the Glastonbury Festival within 30 seconds. HERE is a glimpse of the magic.

The creative prowess of The Prototypes was boundless, and along with their ferocious ability to churn out club bangers, they also possessed the mastery of stripping it down whilst maintaining their trademark exclusivity. ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ is a pure nostalgia-inducing number.

Another exhibition of The Prototypes’ proficiency in switching things the way they like; but unlike ‘Don’t Let Me Go,’ ‘Pale Blue Dot’ takes the heavier route. Starting with a vocal sample, the tune culminates into a hypnotic slow burner that has long been used by DJs to up the ante during live sets.

We finish our selections with the biggest track made by The Prototypes. Part of the duo’s debut ‘City Of Gold’ album, ‘Pop It Off’ featuring the rumbling vocals of Mad Hed City, exploded in the scene like a napalm bomb. You could hear the tune in nearly every DJ set, and it kept doing rounds in clubs, years after. The tune is also accompanied by an intriguing video.

What is your favorite The Prototypes track?

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