Simina Grigoriu Releases New Techno Beat, ‘Actuary’

Germany-based techno artist Simina Grigoriu returns to OFF Recordings with a nearly six-minute sonically addictive, dance-inducing, spine-tingling techno rager ‘Actuary.’

One of techno’s most versatile musicians, Simina Grigoriu returns to DJ and producer Andre Crom’s OFF Recordings with ‘Actuary.’ In this mix, Grigoriu vents out a hypnotic techno cut, incorporating minimal percussive fragments cobbled with snappy basslines, electro shards, and groovy synth textures.

Grigoriu previously unleashed her EP ‘Mission District’ in 2021 and the festival banger ‘Auryn’ in 2022 on the record label. ‘Actuary’ follows on from Simina’s April 2023 single ‘Radiocarbon,’ released on her own label Kuukou. 

Simina Grigoriu started off her career in her twenties, mixing music and working as a part-time bartender. Her early influences included music producers Juan Atkins and The Chemical Brothers. After launching as a DJ, she swiftly transitioned to become a producer and launched her own label, Kuukou, a doorway for techno productions.

In a five-minute interview with The Playground, when asked about what comes first when producing, the sound or the idea? Grigoriu shared, “I often just sit down and start; so I would say the sound comes first, then the ideas flow. But often, I come up with a melody in my head and wrap the track around that idea. I’ll record whatever I’m singing and try to reproduce that in the studio either as a totally warped top line or as a sound.”

Listen to Simina Grigoriu’s Actuary here –

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