All You Need to Know About Elektrophoria Festival 2023, New Zealand

Tauranga-based live event promoter Euphoria Live Entertainment brings 10 hours of live electronic music with DJs spinning house, techno, disco, funk, melodic techno, dark techno, and numerous dance tunes in between. Slated for June 4 from 12 PM onwards, the third edition of Elektrophoria Festival takes place at The Historic Village, a community hub in Tauranga. Get your tickets to Elektrophoria Festival 2023 from The Ticket Fairy.

Touted as a “Party Under The Stars,” Elektrophoria returns to its home turf at The Historic Village for yet another starry display. As with previous editions, the 2023 showcase experience brags two stages fanned across the arena: the Chapel and Forest stages. Acts slated to perform onstage include Mount Maunganui-based DJ Carloose, DJ/producer Hooky, Uruguayan-born and Taranaki-based house & techno aficionado Joaco Dibbern, and Elektrophoria festival director DJ Euphoria.

DJ Chris Silva at Elektrophoria Festival

Brazil-born and now Aotearoa-based DJ Chris Silva will make yet another appearance at the festival this year. The melodic house and techno maestro is joined by deep house, disco, and funk DJ Zeca Ledesma, who has performed at every Elektrophoria festival to date. Electronic artists Mc Gamma, Nicolás ‘Nicco’ Cordoba, DeepNotic, Nell Valy, Marisolbang, Aromat, Joaco, and Vness round out the card.

This occasion assures attendees the opportunity to interact with nature while transcending the essence of music and evoking the energy of one’s inner self. The show is also set to exhibit stunning, out-of-this-world heaven surrounded by native trees, rich garden spaces, multiple artist designs, food & beverage options, and more.

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We took this opportunity to speak with DJ, event manager, and soon-to-be three-time performer at Elektrophoria Festival, house and techno producer Zeca Ledesma.

Speaking about the festival, Zeca notes, “I have been a part of Elektrophoria Festival since day one. When the organizers approached me with the idea of creating a boutique festival in a unique location, dedicated solely to underground house and techno, I knew it was something special. The first two editions exceeded all expectations, delivering an incredible atmosphere and an electric crowd. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project and share my underground sounds with the audience.”

According to Zeca, what sets Elektrophoria Festival apart is its unique location in the heart of a historic site. He remarks, “The festival boasts an outdoor stage nestled amidst a captivating forest and an indoor stage housed within a magnificent chapel. The forest stage takes you on a journey through progressive and melodic sounds, while the chapel stage pulsates with dark and driving techno. The contrast between the two stages creates a dynamic and immersive experience.”

“What makes Elektrophoria Festival truly exceptional is the fusion of a unique doof experience with the vibrant energy of Tauranga Central. It’s a harmonious blend of music, nature, and community, resulting in an unforgettable journey for all who attend,” adds Zeca
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The founder also chimed in with his thoughts regarding Elektrophoria 3.0, “As we approach the eagerly anticipated third edition, I can confidently assure everyone that attending Elektrophoria Festival will be a treat like no other. The lineup is a testament to the festival’s commitment to showcasing a diverse range of talented DJs. Moreover, the festival infrastructure is thoughtfully designed, offering food options and chill zones to enhance the overall experience.”

Zeca concludes with a heartfelt tribute to the festival and its organizers. He expressed, “Elektrophoria Festival has captured my heart and soul since its inception. It has become a haven for lovers of underground music, offering an unparalleled atmosphere, diverse lineups, and an idyllic setting. I wholeheartedly recommend this festival to anyone seeking an extraordinary and immersive musical experience.”

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