Moving Shadow Uploads its Full Catalog on Spotify

The pioneering jungle and drum & bass label has added all of its groundbreaking discography on the popular music streaming app.

Moving Shadow is a label whose importance to drum & bass is difficult to convey in words; such is the legacy of the seminal imprint. Moving Shadow was one of the original prototype labels that laid the foundations for the jungle and drum & bass sound.

Led by Rob Playford, who started the label from his home in Stevenage, which became a spot for young and local artists to gather and hone their craft, Moving Shadow has released some stone cold classics that dominate DJ sets to this day.

Fondly referred as the “the busiest man in jungle,” Rob Playford made Moving Shadow’s first release in 1990, and since then, the label has gone on to release over 200 EPs and 30 plus albums from some of the biggest and the most respected names in jungle and drum & bass music, like Omni Trio, Goldie, Foul Play, DJ Hype, Goldie, Roni Size and DJ Krust, to name a few.

Since Moving Shadow’s first release to the label being the peak of its powers and pioneering the genre for the years to come, consumption of music has changed significantly. We’ve gone from cassettes to CDs to the era of music streaming apps that we are in now.

More often than not, we are fed with the music we should be listening to; and it has become increasingly important to consolidate music from different eras that we can listen to and find inspiration from in our own way; and Moving Shadow has done just that.

The pioneering jungle and drum & bass label has made its full back catalog available for streaming via Spotify. The catalog is available on the Moving Shadow’s Spotify page and it also features some curated selections from the likes of Omni Trio, Noisia, Hyper-On Experience, 2 Bad Mice and Calyx.

So, lock yourself in and go through a journey of pure jungle and drum & bass magic from the most important labels of our time.

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