Guitarist Jo Shy Speaks About Profound Feelings of Love and Loss in New Single, ‘Madly Raving Sphere’

If you enjoy nuanced melodies, poignant lyrics, and easy-on-the-ear guitar compositions, then Jo Shy’s latest release ‘Madly Raving Sphere’ is a single not to be overlooked.

Mumbai-based guitarist, lyricist, and music composer Brijesh Joshi, under the moniker Jo Shy, affirms his fondness for Americana, folk, country, and jazz music with his latest offering, ‘Madly Raving Sphere.’ The new nearly three-minute song is packed with delicate acoustic guitar work, soothing vocals, and thought-evoking lyrics. “Madly Raving Sphere, my new song, is everything I have been feeling after I experienced decomposition of the most beautiful relationship of my life,” says the artist.

Jo Shy is the solo project of Brijesh Joshi, who is the founder, guitarist, and lyricist for the progressive rock, funk, and folk music band Bombay Bandook. After almost a decade of production of multilingual rock-heavy melodic fusion tracks, Jo Shy says his solo project sees him discovering his own sounds. The composer mentions, “For Jo Shy, I am a Convent school boy asked to strictly speak in English at all times. I am so glad I can express myself in more than one language. This skill definitely keeps my mental health at bay.”

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Jo Shy – Madly Raving Sphere

“I have seen you smile
When I’ve called you mine
But in this foggy atmosphere,
You are hard to find”

Jo Shy cites his love for Americana, folk, country, and jazz music, and hours of listening and uncovering music helped him shape this latest release. He says, “This song is a realization of the most profound feeling of love and loss. A stunning example of how true love is hard to find in this fleeting life and how tender love is on this harsh planet.” He concludes, “Like every artist on this planet, I hope that this song reaches out to someone who needs to hear these words supported by melancholic guitar parts and pronounced Timpany hits.”

Listen to ‘Madly Raving Sphere’ by Jo Shy –

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