KOAN Sound Release Their First Single In Two Years

The experimental electronic music duo, who are known for their glitchy, up-tempo music, have returned for their first release in two years.

The ethereal dimension of KOAN Sound is truly a remarkable wellspring of artistic ingenuity for both music producers and disc jockeys alike. The duo’s unique and otherworldly characteristics offer an unparalleled source of inspiration that cannot be found elsewhere.

Drawing inspiration from trailblazers such as The Prodigy’s gritty textures and Amon Tobin’s mind-bending techniques, the pair from Bristol have developed their own distinctive style that incorporates stunning soundscapes and powerful percussions.

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From glitch hop, downtempo, and off-kilter drum & bass, KOAN Sound’s sound crafting excursions have seen them explore a variety of sounds within the bass music spectrum; and despite bringing something new with every EP or album KOAN Sound have released over the years, the overall experience remains distinctly characteristic of a KOAN Sound production.

The prodigies to visionaries status were quickly achieved by the duo when they released the ‘Sanctuary’ EP in 2013 and the Dynasty EP a year later. Infusing a futuristic combination of sounds with intricate production techniques, KOAN Sound delivered two releases that opened thousands of minds due to their intergalactic musical ability.

Since then, we witnessed several groundbreaking KOAN Sound releases including their 2018 album ‘Polychrome,’ which illustrated their ability to add undiscovered musical colors to their already soul-stirring material. This run continued until 2021 with the release of the ‘Chronos’ EP after which the duo went into an unannounced hiatus.

After two long years, the duo has finally returned with their enchanting best music to mark their first release. Taking the jungle/drum & bass route that is showcased in abundance in Ascension’s playful and crisp drum work, KOAN Sound have well and truly announced their return – and in style.

Dropping on their Shosin imprint, their latest musical masterpiece is an extraordinary amalgamation of eerie strings and commanding percussions that set new benchmarks for the possibilities of sonic artistry. If you are a fan of KOAN Sounds boundary-pushing music, there’s more good news for you because, going by their social media, their new single represents “one chapter of a much larger story” – and a potential tour may be on the way.

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