TFword in Conversation With Beyond Definition Events’ Founder Leon Comino

In anticipation of the thunderous CAPTURE techno showcase helmed by Beyond Definition Events in Sydney, Australia, which boasts the likes of musicians Jody 6, LLIA, and KIKI on stage, we decided to dive a bit more into the music, arts, and entertainment company. We reached out to the founder and DJ Leon to better understand just what makes the company tick. Here is what he had to say!

Beyond Definition Events (BDE) was established in 2022 as a progressive and techno events company, aimed at the Sydney music community. In its brief stint, BDE has hurled out electronic artists Jody 6, Burga, The Pump Brothers, and DJ Steve Marx, serving attendees sonic adventures packed with melodic, house, and techno music.

BDE’s first gig card in July 2022 featured artists Joshua Crowe, Andy Hardwick, Tim Langridge, and Burga, to name a few. “We had the people around us, friends wanting qualitative events, and many people behind the scenes who still to this day help bring it all together,” says founder Leon Comino aka DJ Beyond Def.
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Tracing the initial days of the company, Leon elaborates, “Beyond Definition Events was born organically on July 29th, 2022, with our first event named under the brand ‘Beyond Definition’. At the time, I noticed many of the people around me were so talented, but didn’t have an avenue to showcase their skills, so I birthed the company to bring events I stood behind to the people that mattered to me, full of artists on the up-and-coming.”

An important element of gig curation is how promoters and organizers go about placing artists on the bill for shows. We posed this question to Leon, who gave us a few insights on this subject. When producing line-ups, Leon says, “I have always believed sound progression should be at the forefront of your mind when depicting a night painted from start to finish and progressing smoothly.”

“Artists are chosen that organically stand for the showcase, the brand, its sound, and its values. If you authentically vibe to our curated events and their environment, genuinely want to see the brand and vision grow to benefit the greater music community of Sydney, and understand that the success of the event means the success of the future music community, you will shine selflessly and be gifted back the support you have given us.”

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The music producer further remarks, “An artist will be placed on the lineup based on their natural sound, luckily we have talented people who surround us playing fairly often, watching them play it becomes apparent what their strengths are, and where they would most feel at home on a lineup. Generally speaking, I want artists to play as close as possible to their authentic sound, I believe this is where the magic happens, whether you are the DJ or the audience, in these moments of utter connectedness, there is only you.”

Leon also takes us through the concept of BDE, and explains, “The vision for Beyond Definition is to support Australian artists, by offering an avenue to showcase their art at events we stand behind, utilizing the best venues we can find. The greater vision encompasses using these venues and events, to showcase the productions curated by the artists on the lineup, to bring raw new music to the Sydney music community.”
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Thinking on a bigger scale and in the long run, Leon adds, “We wish to fly over artists that we believe Sydney needs to hear, I think at the core of many collectives such as our own, Sydney, like anywhere else in the world, deserves world-class music, it is a universal language after all.”

We concluded our interview with Leon giving a word of praise to his entire crew, remarking, “It is important to note the photographers who ‘CAPTURE’ the events we throw, Maria, Ethan, Sinan, the AV professionals, dancers, and sound technicians.”

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