TFword in Conversation With Rosehip

Following the release of his latest tune with THPCMKR, we had a chat with Rosehip about his influences, his thoughts on the track and lots more.

With storytelling at the heart of his sensory brand of vibrant, atmospheric electronica and chill-wave beats, Rosehip paints pictures in your mind, transporting you to other worlds with his music. Rosehip’s music is a genre-defying masterpiece that transports listeners to a dreamlike state. Its storytelling prowess is unparalleled, weaving captivating adventures and reflective moments of sadness together to create a musical narration of the human experience.

Slated to be out in September 2023, Rosehip’s exciting EP ‘Odyssey’ is taking shape and steadily becoming his defining body of work so far. As he leads up to that, Rosehip has released a delightful single from the EP. Teaming up with Hungarian-born, London-based singer-songwriter Thpcmkr ‘Nectar’ marks Rosehip’s first official vocal collaboration.

We were keen to know from Rosehip about his latest, his approach to music, his campervan conversion project, and lots more; so we sat down with him for a chat and here is what he had to say:

TFword: For our readers who may be new to your music, how did the Rosehip journey begin?
Rosehip: I started releasing music as Rosehip at the beginning of 2020. I’d been releasing music under my name for a few years already but was always looking for a more interesting musical identity and brand to develop. Hence Rosehip was born.

TF: A gorgeous new tune with THPCMKR. What are your thoughts on the release?
Rosehip: Thank you! It was a lot of fun bringing our latest track ‘Nectar’ together! I actually created the first demo of this track back in the summer of 2020 but it was lacking a lead line of some kind. I tried instrumental ideas and attempted to write vocals myself but it never seemed to work. Fast forward 2 years and after one inspired take, THPCMKR gave it all the life and colour it ever needed!

TF: The dreamy narrative of your music truly is fascinating. How do you approach your productions?
Rosehip: I love to make music that makes you feel something. It doesn’t always have to be complex or intelligent, some of the best things in life are simple but beautiful. Combine this with my fascination of synthesised sounds and experimental sound design and it creates a sensory dreamlike experience – the blueprint for the Rosehip brand.

TF: What was the definitive moment in choosing your formative style of music?
Rosehip: That’s difficult to say to be honest as I flip between genres and styles regularly. The way I see it, all of my music has an ethereal, otherworldly, adventurous feel to which the genre comes secondary. I think this comes from a place of always wanting to have fun and try new things and experiment. This is why I’ve released tracks in the lofi, future bass, pop, chillwave, drum & bass and electronica realms, to name a few.

TF: Who inspired you to make music?
Rosehip: I was always playing music growing up; in rock bands, jazz bands, orchestras, funk bands, etc. Whilst I had used Ableton to record things during this time, it was at university when I started trying to produce music more seriously. Being exposed to new exciting music and events in East London was definitely a catalyst in inspiring me to create.

TF: As the festival season comes closer, what are you most looking forward to this summer?
Rosehip: This summer I’m hoping to go traveling in Europe in my self-made campervan conversion. I’m not 100% sure where I will end up yet, but will either head to Scandinavia or Eastern Europe. It’s very exciting to drive into the night and park up next to a beautiful lake in the middle of nowhere so will likely be inspired to make some great new music whilst out there.

TF: We’ve also read about your campervan conversion project. Tell us more about it?
Rosehip: I got myself a van last year and have since been converting it into a mobile music studio / log cabin on wheels. It has a full electrical system powered by solar, a cooker, sink, heater, LED lighting and lots of other nice touches to enable me to travel anywhere and produce music entirely off grid.

TF: What’s coming next for Rosehip?
Rosehip: I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years releasing music, this can often be quite demanding. With my latest EP ‘Odyssey’ forming the start of my career defining body of work – out September 15 – I plan to take a break from releasing and focus on creating music and content. Time is hard enough to find as it is so choosing between working on releases or working on making music is an important decision to make.

TF: 5 tunes you are feeling at the moment?
Rosehip: Yung Dark – Out Of Reach
Seb Wildblood – Jobi
jüle. – basil.
Sébastien Léger – Giza
Richie Blacker – Eternal Euphoria

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