Gorillaz Are Rumored to Be In Mumbai?

The influential English band posted a cryptic photo on their social accounts hinting at their visit to India, which has led to a frantic surge of excitement among fans in the country.

The Beatles in 1968, Led Zeppelin in 1972, The Rolling Stones in 2003, Iron Maiden in 2007, Coldplay in 2016, and now Gorillaz in 2023? The influential cartoon quartet’s latest post on their social media accounts has sent their fans in India into a frenzy.

Last night, the Grammy award-winning “virtual band” made a cryptic post saying:

“The LAPD issue a search warrant for their LA mansion leaving Murdoc, 2D, Russel and Noodle with no choice but to flee to New York where they pick up fake passports from an old friend of Murdoc’s, next stop…Mumbai.
Bon voyage, Stuart, Matlock, Rusty, and Nödel.
???????? ?????? ??”

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A closer look into the photo posted by Gorillaz shows a number of things that their fans in India can relate to, starting with images of Indian gods on either end of the mirror, a local Indian newspaper, band member Russel holding a pungi (an Indian instrument consisting of two reed pipes) to charm the snake in front of him, along with a word cloud saying “??????,” which means allure or to tempt.

The next image in the Instagram post shows graphically designed flight tickets from New York to Mumbai of all the band members. Gorillaz also raised the stakes by pinning their location on Twitter to Mumbai.

As you would expect, theories of varied degrees have begun on Twitter, with one account stating the band has landed on Indian shores to record their new album, while another account says the move is part of their ‘Getaway’ tour narrative where they’ve planned a getaway to record their next EP. This cryptic post from Gorillaz comes after a series of show cancellations where acts like KAYTRANADA, Lil Yachty and Remi Wolf were slated to support the legendary band.

Formed by Damon Albarn in 1998, and gracing an incredibly wide array of styles and genres, the English band has been the recipient of coveted awards like The Grammys, MTV Awards, Billboard Video Music Awards, and GQ, among others, making them one of the most important bands of our generation. But what is their next move? Only time will tell.

TFword will keep you updated as the events unfold.

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