No Neighbours Around Returns with New Single, ‘Back to You’

Hopping back on the trail to release more alt-rock music, India-based four-piece band No Neighbours Around has returned with their sophomore release. We talk to the band as the group unveils ‘Back to You,’ which marks the group’s second single, released months after their debut with ‘In the Night.’

‘Back to You’ channels the heavier side of No Neighbours Around (NNA), unlike what was portrayed in their debut track as they continue their path of churning out rock-inspired music. While both tracks were written around the same time, the triumphant success received for ‘In the Night’ served as great motivation to release their newest single, as per the band itself.

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In ‘Back to You,’ NNA’s singer Adhithya Shankar lays his vocal prowess to the test using the quintessential arrangements sung by the icons of our era. The upbeat rhythms build up to a gritty guitar solo that brings the song to fruition. Talking about the making of the track, NNA says, “Similar to our debut, ‘In the Night’, the main riff for ‘Back to You’ was presented to the band by our bass player, Vishwesh. The song’s structure was complete within days, around the same time as ‘In the Night’. Most of our performances in the early days consisted of ‘Back to You’ followed by ‘In the Night’ or vice versa.”

The quartet spoke candidly about the difference in reception with regard to their two songs. Where ‘In the Night’ was more “safe” and “radio friendly,” the murkier subject and sound of the latest single resulted in fewer inclusions in playlists and streams. “It has definitely helped us in being taken a bit more seriously,” explains NNA about their situation. “We did receive praise from magazines such as Rolling Stone, which has us believing that the song has done reasonably well! Either way, we are happy with the release and the entire process that was involved with releasing it.”
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Despite the mixed responses, there’s no stopping No Neighbours Around! They are already in the process of creating a new song that will pair with ‘Back to You’ and it also features their new guitarist. “The band’s overall chemistry has gotten stronger, and we are keeping our eyes and ears open for any opportunities that may come our way. Although there have been considerable changes in the band’s personal lives, we are determined to keep the band running and active. So stay tuned!”

Listen to ‘Back to You’ by No Neighbours Around: HERE

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