Azotix Debuts on Overview Music With a Belting EP

The Romanian drum & bass talent makes his debut on Overview Music, featuring collaborations with label regulars Klinical and Waeys.

Led by Peter Maxted, aka Energy, the Brighton-based drum & bass imprint is home to some of the finest young talents not just from the United Kingdom but across Europe and beyond. Never compromising on the ethos they believe in, Overview has now become the go-to destination for funky, hard-edged and spunky drum & bass music.

Founded in 2018, the label began its journey with a various artists EP featuring then-prodigious talents like Wingz, Klinical, Ewol and Talkre, who are now mainstays of the underground drum & bass framework. Since then, the label has brought unknown talents and seasoned names alike for some of the freshest drum & bass music we have heard in recent years.

Austrian powerhouse Wingz, Hongkong-bred Bristol-based producer gyrofield, Russian maestro Nami, Frenchman Skylark, and forward-thinking American talent YAANO, among many others, are some of the names that Overview has helped grow, showcasing their unique sounds without any style boundaries.

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Continuing their tradition, Overview has now brought the hotly tipped young Romanian producer Azotix for the soaring four-track ‘Tusk’ EP. A full listen of the release, and you’ll be biting your nails wondering how the EP is his official debut; that’s the level of depth and maturity Azotix has exhibited in his first outing with Overview Music.

The EP begins with the title track which kickstarts with a haunting intro, greeting us with intense bass screeches under the tune’s sharp-edged drums. British MC and rapper T-Man makes an appearance on the EP on ‘Take Me’ with his progressive vocals that are bundled with Azotix’s love for the minimal side of the genre.

Label regulars Klinical and Waeys team up with Azotix on ‘Clash’ and ‘Rei’ to continue the label and producers’ love for tech-infused low-end rollers.

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