Stadiumx Talks About Creating ‘Heaven’ With Azahriah and Sam Martin

Etching their names as one of Hungary’s most promising progressive and future house DJs/producers to date, Budapest-based duo Stadiumx shows no signs of stopping despite churning out tunes for nearly a decade now. The pair, comprising of Dave (Dávid Nagy) and Sully (Zsolt Milichovszki), marked their presence in the dance music scene in 2014 with the release of their debut single ‘Howl At The Moon’ on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings.

This year, Stadiumx’s latest offering comes in the form of a ‘summery dance anthem’ featuring rising Hungarian star Azahriah and Grammy-award-winning vocalist Sam Martin on ‘Heaven.’ “We definitely wanted to make a song in which we give space to the singers and respect the original, laid-back atmosphere of the original idea,” remarked the duo regarding their new single in a conversation with us. 

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They further delved into the creative process that pieced ‘Heaven’ together, saying, “First, we got the stems for the song from Sam; the structure and sound design was very different from the current version. The main part of the work was we wanted a sound design that would not suppress Sam’s voice but still make the song dynamic and danceable.”

In addition to the vocals laid down by Sam Martin, ‘Heaven’ also features fellow Hungarian musician Azahriah, who has been steadily gaining popularity in his country. “Unfortunately, it is quite rare that a domestic performer has the skills to perform abroad and write songs in English in a unique way. He has that!” said Stadiumx, noting the adulation surrounding Azahriah’s multi-faceted skills.

They added, “When we heard his song “Four Moods”, it became clear that we definitely wanted to work with him. We wanted a feature on a song that gives him freedom without throwing him off the sound or being forced. We knew that Heaven was perfect for this and we could make a fantastic song all together.”

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While ‘Heaven’ marked Stadiumx and Azahriah’s first collaboration, the duo are no strangers to vocalist Sam Martin. They have previously worked together for many years on tracks such as ‘Be Mine,’ ‘Love You Forever’ with Nicky Romero, and ‘September’ with Pettey Martin. Talking about their past experiences with Martin, Stadiumx said, “Since we had the opportunity to work with David Guetta years ago as a co-producer on his album, the relationship became even closer because at that time Sam wrote the two main singles for David, “Dangerous” and “Lovers On The Sun.””

Of their massive list of former collaborators, Stadiumx have also shared their name with dance music icon David Guetta. They went from playing alongside Guetta and remixing his tracks to now having him as one of the writers on ‘Heaven.’ “Heaven was originally written for David, so it was out of the question it will be David’s single, but afterwards the song wasn’t on hold for him anymore we were given green light to work on it and finish the entire song.”

The successful release of ‘Heaven’ is only the beginning for the Hungarian DJs, who are cooking up a myriad of releases and gearing up for live performances. Stadiumx concluded our talk, stating, “Many collaborations will be released in the coming months, including a song with Bingoplayers and a song with Morgan Page, just a few ones we can already reveal. This summer, we will mainly do the big events and festivals in Hungary and the surrounding countries, but from autumn we will tour again in Asia.”

Listen to ‘Heaven’ by Stadiumx, Azahriah and Sam Martin: HERE

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