Singer-Songwriter Mathangi Jagdish Shares Debut EP

Versatile singer, songwriter, and performer Mathangi Jagdish has released her debut EP ‘Major Troubles in Minor Blues,’ a three-track project infused with meticulous coatings of swing, soul, blues, R&B, and a touch of Indian classical music, with Mathangi’s passionate vocals helming that jazz punch.

Mathangi Jagdish, a seasoned singer-songwriter and staple of the Indian music industry, has over two decades of experience in the music industry and has amassed 450 playback songs to her credit. Also known popularly as Ma.Ja, she is trained in carnatic, hindustani, and western music. Singing rhythms of jazz and blues, the vocalist casts out her debut EP ‘Major Troubles in Minor Blues.’

It is produced by National and Filmfare award-winning sound engineer KJ Singh and released via his label Asli Music. The EP features a starry line-up of musicians that includes Merlin D’souza, Siddharth Talwar, Ramon Ibrahim, and Aman Mahajan, to name a few.
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Ma.Ja’s vocals are a distinctive mélange of multiple styles elegantly displayed on each song. The EP opens with ‘Swingin Like a Pendulum,’ a three-and-a-half-minute finger-snapping jazzy melody that establishes the tone of the EP, bearing poignant lyrics coupled with Mathangi’s ear-pleasing vocals, saxophone, and trombone arrangments.

‘Salt in My Kitchen’ presents bold lyrics, sleek horn and bass rhythms, and unhurriedly weaves in slick piano compositions. Talking about the track, the artist says, “‘Salt in My Kitchen’ is a cheeky song about having to do things you don’t enjoy or aren’t good at but are necessary to get things done. It explores the frustration of wanting to do what you love but not being able to do it due to obligations.”

Swingin’ Like A Pendulum – Ma. Ja (Live)

Last on the EP is ‘Mr. Procrastination,’ a nearly five-minute jazz ballad that leaps forward with exquisite vocal techniques, ladled with smooth piano melodies and steady drum patterns. Mathangi talks about the tune, stating, “‘Mr. Procrastination’ is a track that hits close to home for many of us. It talks about the issues with procrastination, something that many struggle with.”

In the build-up to the EP release, the singer conveyed via Instagram that the connective tissue that strings each track together was the headspace she was in while penning down each of the tracks. 

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