DJ Marky Announces New Album; Drops New Single

The 12-track album called ‘Time Is Right’ marks the legendary DJ and producer’s second album, and it will be released on 21 July on Shogun Audio.

It was in 1998 at a nightclub in São Paulo that changed DJ Marky’s life, but since then, with his laidback yet progressive style of music, the Brazilian maestro has changed ours. Bringing the Samba flair and swing into drum & bass, DJ Marky has delivered some of the most emblematic tunes of the genre.

As he honed his drum & bass craft in parallel with the genre’s earliest years, DJ Marky found it difficult to find a community of like-minded drum & bass ravers in his home country. The lack of audiences led Marky to embark on a mission that saw him make the move to the UK to explore the scene further. Marky’s love for music inspired him to perform at Piccadilly Circus regularly and fully engage himself in records. His commitment along with fellow countrymen DJ Patife and XRS enabled him to become a crucial connection between Brazil and the UK’s rich relationship with drum & bass.

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Fast forward to 2023, Brazil, with the help of DJ Marky’s influence, is home to some of the finest drum & bass talents like S.P.Y, Urbandawn, BTK, L-Side, and Bungle, among many others. Kickstarting his journey as a producer with a Samba swagger and dropping seminal tunes like ‘LK’ with Stamina MC and ‘Mystic Sunset,’ Marky has steadily evolved his style into the tech-fueled and punchy belters that he has been producing lately.

During these years, DJ Marky released an album on his Innerground Records imprint which landed in 2004. Now after nearly two decades, DJ Marky is all set to release his second studio album on Friction’s Shogun Audio. Named ‘The Time Is Right,’ the 12-track album will bring together the sonic experiences from the past twenty which he has been an influential part of.

Slated to drop on 21 July, ‘The Time Is Right’ also features collaborations with the likes of Harry Shotta, Makoto, Alibi, Pola & Bryson, and SOLAH. In anticipation of the release, DJ Marky has dropped a vocal-led stunner called ‘Dance Again’ featuring Javeon.

Pre-order your copy of the album – HERE

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