Myles and Bigfat’s Audio-Visual Presentation ‘Overture’ Kicks off in Adelaide

In an era when the visual aspect of live concerts and music festivals continues to dominate the scene, two creative minds have been carving a space for themselves at various venues across the globe.

Creative technologist Aaron Myles Pereira and designer Aniruddh Mehta’s immersive audio-visual project ‘Overture’ is set to be exhibited at Adelaide’s multi-function events and performances space, The Lab. The 14-minute piece will sit at the event assembled to highlight art, light, and technology, commencing at 6 PM onwards on July 12, 2023.

Overture is the first of a series of collaborative creations by Aaron ‘Myles’ Pereira and Aniruddh Mehta aka BigFat. It was first displayed at the Mumbai Light Festival’s Satellite in December 2022, later at the 2023 edition of Mumbai’s Homegrown Festival, and has made its way to Toronto, Canada, as part of InterAccess’s IA 360° Showcase Exhibition in May 2023. This display will be part of Illuminate Adelaide and The Lab’s joint venture, Illuminate Adelaide City Lights, which flares out over four weekends, parading some of the most innovative music and artworks from local and international artists.

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Myles x Bigfat’s Overture is an audio-visual treat that combines a sci-fi abstraction of flashing lights, geometric forms, organic topologies, and textures coming together to create a dynamic and ever-evolving visual landscape. It is accompanied by a piece of original music, which adds depth and feel to the visuals.

Aniruddh Mehta is a Mumbai-based designer and artist whose work ranges from traditional graphic design to digital and new media arts. He is the founder of Studio Bigfat, a multi-disciplinary design studio that works in areas such as graphic design, digital illustration, and motion design. Myles is a music technologist, creative coder, and composer who puffs out custom software solutions regarding interactive art exhibits, visuals, and tools that allow musicians to express themselves artistically.

For information visit The Lab: HERE; Find the entire schedule: HERE

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