Huyana Tunes into Jazz and Blues on New Debut EP ‘Anxious Attachment’

Bangalore-based musician and contemporary artist Varshita Ramesh, best known under the moniker Huyana, effortlessly belts her vocal expertise on her debut EP ‘Anxious Attachment.’ The four-track EP was released earlier this month and flares out spoonfuls of RnB, jazz, blues, and soul.

After releasing ‘Can’t Fall / Won’t Fall,’ the lead single of the EP in June 2023, singer-songwriter Huyana keeps listeners glued to her music on her latest EP ‘Anxious Attachment.’ ‘Can’t Fall / Won’t Fall’ opens out the EP unfurling a melodic tempo on the keys, soothing saxophone chips, and Varshita’s velvety vocals. ‘If Only‘ leaps on next and immediately impacts listeners with feet-tapping horn arrangements, steady percussive movement, and a powerful RnB segment.

Track three, titled ‘Breezy,’ blooms unhurriedly and leads into a powerful soul ballad spanning almost five minutes, spewing out an emphatic guitar riff with Huyana’s voice poignantly commanding the melody. ‘Anxious Attachment’ is closed out with ‘Crush,’ which lets loose elements of swing, jazz, blues, and impeccable brass work.

“Most of the songs in ‘Anxious Attachment’ were written in the past three years, reflecting the pain and longing that comes with trying to hold onto relationships and people who have drifted away, a recurring theme in my music,” said Huyana about her latest project.

The artist also marked her Anxious Attachment release with a country-wide ‘Kind-Of-A-Tour’ fanned in cities Bengaluru, Kochi, Mumbai, and Chennai in July 2023.

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