Alesso & John Newman Team Up on ‘Call Your Name’

Superstar DJ and producer Alesso and singer/songwriter John Newman have joined forces for the first time for a delightful new single.

Alesso is a name that needs no introduction; blending progressive house with pop and scoring worldwide hits in collaboration with a wide range of artists, the Swedish DJ and producer is one of the most important electronic musicians of our time. Collaborating with the biggest names in dance and pop music, and delivering hits like ‘Calling (Lose My Mind)’ and ‘Heroes (We Could Be),’ among many others, have propelled his name to legendary status within the world of EDM.

Whereas English pop singer John Newman, with his sound that blends his love for his love of vintage R&B, contemporary pop, hip-hop, and electronic dance, has propelled him to the forefront of contemporary music, earning him the recognition and admiration of fans worldwide. While he is known for many charting releases, ‘Love Me Again’ is John Newman’s most successful release which topped the UK charts in 2013.

Now, for the first time in a collaborative triumph, global superstar Alesso and British multi-platinum icon John Newman have joined forces for an ultimate super-collab ‘Call Your Name.’ The new emotional collaboration features soaring progressive house melodies signature to Alesso’s production, blending John Newman’s soul-stirring and instantly recognizable vocals seamlessly together with uplifting beats to create a rousing and euphoric dance-pop anthem.

‘Call Your Name’ sees both artists pushing the boundaries of the genre, with their unique sounds coming together to create a powerful and memorable addition to the dance music scene, dripping with passion and vulnerability. 

Speaking of the tune, Alesso commented, “Call Your Name is a throwback to the dance era that we all know and love. John’s vocal really carries this nostalgic, powerful feeling and playing this one out recently has shown this track is made for the main stage!’

John Newman added: “It was amazing to work on this record with Alesso! Been a couple years in the making and can’t wait to see this baby now come to life and hopefully do some serious damage!” 

Following ‘Hold On To My Love,’ this is John Newman’s second release on Tomorrowland Music, which also served as the perfect build-up for his highly-anticipated debut on Tomorrowland’s iconic Mainstage on July 29. Alesso took over Tomorrowland’s Mainstage twice, performing on Saturday, July 22, and Sunday, July 30. 

Alesso & John Newman’s ‘Call Your Name’ is out now on Tomorrowland Music!

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