Free Games to Download This Week From Epic Games

Below, you will find the latest games that are available for you to claim for free through the Epic Games Store. — The Editor

Epic Games is one of the most rewarding game stores for any gamer, mainly known for their weekly sales that feature free games you can claim forever. Last week, users were able to claim one of the most popular multiplayer RPGs, The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as the indie puzzle game Murder By Numbers, for free.

Below, you will find the latest games that are available for you to claim for free through the Epic Games Store this week!

The Elder Scrolls Online

(Available last week for free)

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG set in the same universe as the popular Elder Scrolls single-player game. You get to create your character, choosing from different races and classes, each with unique abilities and skills. The Elder Scrolls Online is more of a prequel than a stand-alone game; it makes us revisit towns and places like Tamriel, Skyrim, Morrowind, and the Summerset Isles from a different perspective.

The MMORPG has a compelling story that’ll get you hooked from the minute you decide to go on your first quest. There are tonnes of quests to complete, main storylines to follow, and even faction-specific stories you can take part in. In Elder Scrolls Online, you can either go venturing into various dungeons alone or build a strong team with your friends and explore tough dungeons.

The game will reward you quite fairly as well, giving you the chance to learn new abilities, upgrade your gear, and make your character the way you want it to be. The developers Zenimax Online Studios have yet to update the game, fixing bugs and glitches and even adding more side missions, ensuring you never get bored!

Murder By Numbers 

(Available last week for free)

If you’re searching for a puzzle-solving game that has a super interesting story and is free, here it is! Murder By Number, although portrayed as a simple puzzle-solving game, actually has a very interesting story that will make you want to explore and find out more.

The story of Murder By Number takes place in 1996 in Los Angeles, following Honour Mizrahi, the co-star of a TV detective show, who recently got fired by her boss, who, after firing Honour, was found dead. In a fictional murder mystery show, Honor’s life has flipped, and she’s in the direct center of a murder mystery.

Homeworld Remastered Edition

Dates: Starting July 27 

First released in the late 90s, Homeworld wowed every player to touch the game. Now with a more modern look, the real-time strategy game Homeworld has improved graphics and texturing and still seems like a standout game, even though years have passed since its release.

In Homeworld Remastered Edition, you play as one of the survivors of the Hilgarden race, who’ve been forced to leave their homeworld due to a cataclysmic event and search for a new one. But it isn’t easy at all. Present and keeping a watch on you is a nasty and ruthless alien empire called the Taiidan Empire standing in your way. Take up the challenge, collect resources, command your fleet, and take down the Taiidan Empire.

Severed Steel

Dates: Starting July 27 

Launched in 2021, Severed Steel is a first-person shooter that throws you into a high-paced action shooter that slowly but surely makes you feel like a total badass. The game is all about pulling jaw-dropping stunts you would only see in action movies and blasting through hordes of enemies with your pistol, shotgun, and other deadly weapons. One of the tricky parts is learning how to swap your loadout and wasting no time in completing the level.

One of the best parts would be being able to find your own path at each level and honing your skills of running on walls, dodging bullets, and sliding from one place to another. The adrenaline-fueled video game will leave you wanting more.

Remember not to miss these free games that you can easily claim from the Epic Games Store. We’ll keep updating you on the newest releases, best games, and much more; don’t forget to keep tuning in.

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