One of the most exciting rising talents to emerge from South Korea’s vibrant music scene has dropped her debut EP via CONECTED MIX.

Having already performed at some of the globe’s most prestigious events, IZREAL is breezing through career milestones at break-neck speed. A thoughtful producer with a clear storyline at the heart of each of her opuses, IZREAL’s inaugural collection narrates a story of introspection and personal growth, inviting audiences into her realm through the medium of music.

Having already performed at some of the globe’s most prestigious events, debuting on the Resistance Stage of Ultra Music Festival in Bali and Korea, as well as performing at Bangkok Songkran and Seoul’s World DJ Festival, the burgeoning talent now unveils her debut extended player, ‘?? (HYEONJIN).’

IZREAL has worked fearlessly to extend her impact to audiences far beyond the local music scene and through her EP debut, she has vowed to become one of the top underground artists in the world. Out now via CONECTD MIX, the four-track EP is a masterclass in refined techno, giving fans a distinct taste of her artistic story.

In many ways “?? (HYEONJIN)” is a reflection of IZREAL’s own personal story of becoming an artist and how she found the strength to break free from the restraints and doubts of entering such a competitive space. Woven within a contemporary and emotive techno format, IZREAL’s debut record is a true representation of her perspective as an artist, which will no doubt attract a wide-reaching international fan base.

Wholly personal and refreshingly miscellaneous, her aptly named ‘?? (HYEONJIN)’ is a thrilling opener to her back catalog which puts her unique, all-encompassing sound palate front and center. Leading the next generation of South Korean techno stars, IZREAL’s brand new opus is just the beginning of what is sure to be, a long and very successful career. 



  1. Izreal – In Motion (Radio Edit)
  2. Izreal – Rainy Day (Original Mix)
  3. Izreal – Work On Yourself (Original Mix)
  4. Izreal – Journey Into Now (Original Mix)

Find IZREAL on: Instagram | Apple Music | Beatport | Spotify

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