5 Bali Music Festivals That You Should Know

One of the most in-demand and popular tourist destinations, Bali is best known for its ravishing natural offerings of serene beaches, rice fields, coral reefs, and volcanic mountains. Trekking, snorkeling, surfing, exploring parks and sanctuaries, shopping, sightseeing, and visiting tourist attractions, including the famous Bali Swing, are just some of the myriad of activities you can do in Bali. The possibilities of exploring this stunning location with such scenic landscapes and unforgettable memories are endless, so why not make the most of it by attending music festivals as well?

Below are five music festivals that took place in Bali you should know about –

Palm Tree Music Festival

Palm Tree Music Festival experience was brought to Bali this March for an intimate music festival experience. Developed by Norwegian DJ/producer Kygo, the music festival takes place in different locations and countries – offering this exceptional experience to people far and wide.

The first day of this year’s festival, on March 16, saw mind-blowing performances from Australian DJ/producer Thomas Jack, Flip, the ‘It Ain’t Me’ and ‘Firestone’ hitmaker Kygo, and Canadian DJ and musician Frank Walker. Wilson, Dutch DJ/producer Sam Feldt, LPR, and Scottish DJ, and BBC Radio 1 presenter Arielle Free were on the line-up for Day 2 of Palm Tree Music Festival on March 17.

Bali Spirits Festival

This year, the Bali Spirits Festival, which features music, healing, dance, and yoga, was held from May 4–7. In addition to learning about DJs, artists, bands, conscious musicians, and songwriters, visitors also had the opportunity to attend yoga workshops. The Bali Spirits Festival 2023 also saw health talks, seminars, tea temple sounds, and ceremonies.

Ubud Village Jazz Festival

The Ubud Village Jazz Festival is a music festival that celebrates jazz, offers unforgettable performances from international stars and imparts information about the music genre. This festival offers workshops, and those interested in jazz can also sharpen their skills. 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Ubud Village Jazz Festival, which took place from July 28 – 29.

The festival’s 2023 line-up comprised of jazz musicians and bands from all around the world. They hosted France’s Jeremy Ternoy Trio, New Centropezn, Manna, Amanda Lee Swingtet, and Pere Bujosa Trio, along with Galaxy Big Band Jazz Orchestra, Wilson Quah Trio, Lee Jiho Trio, Kevin Hays Trio, Henk Kraaijeveld Quintet from the Netherlands, and many more acts at Ubud Village Jazz Festival this year.

Joyland Festival

The Joyland music festival is held in Indonesia every year, featuring incredible music and stand-up comedy performances, workshops, and film screenings. The French pop rock band Phoenix, Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid, and British rapper and singer M.I.A. headed to the Peninsula Island for Joyland Bali’s 2023 edition.

Japanese pop band Chai, Indonesian singer-songwriter Yura Yunita, Hindia, English rock band Black Midi, Indonesian singer Tulus, American psychedelic rock band Crumb, and Indonesian singer-songwriter Raisa, were among many other exciting acts tapped for this festival, which took place from March 17 -19 this year.

Dream Machine

Dream Machine is a four-day destination music festival that was held on June 8 -12 this year. Not only does this festival offer music from some of the finest talents, but Dream Machine also lets attendees explore sound healing, water aerobics, ice bath therapy, yin yoga, and much more!

Tori Levett, Australian indie rock band Spacey Jane, and electronic music group Peking Duk were slated to hit the Dream Machine stage in Bali, with Australian indie pop band San Cisco, producer and bandleader Harvey Sutherland, Australian singer-songwriter Vera Blue, Groove City, and DJ/producer L D R U on the roster.

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