Apranik Records Present An Iranian Women-Led V/A Album

The 10-track compilation called ‘Intended Consequence’ features styles and genres ranging from techno, IDM, ambient, and electro.

It’s no secret what’s happening in Iran at the moment; suppression, oppression – the regime is trying everything to silence the voices of Iranian women. But that hasn’t stopped them from fighting for their rights. Despite the risks, women in Iran are choosing to go outside, run errands, and take their children to school without the mandatory hijab.

They show their resilience by breaking the rules enforced upon them to wear clothes they don’t want, to behave in ways they don’t agree with, and to live lives they don’t believe in. These values of resilience are reflected in ‘Intended Consequence’ – Apranik Records’ latest arsenal of music from some of the Iranian community’s most talented women musicians; musicians who have carved their path with passion and intention despite known consequences.

Intended Consequence follows in the footsteps of Apranik’s first compilation Woman Life Freedom, which was released as a response to the women-lead uprisings in Iran after the killing of Mahsa Zhina Amini.

This new release includes tracks from label co-founders AIDA and Nesa Azadikhah, as well as some of Iran’s most talented musicians and sound artists such as Rojin Sharafi, Aida Shirazi, Ava Rasti, and more. Rooted in telling the story of Iranian women’s perpetual fight for freedom in Iran, this release paints the picture of power, resistance, and persistence in moments of chaos or calm.

From the experimental, glitchy club rhythms of AZADI.mp3’s Empty Platform, through the clattering jungle styling of Abji_hypersun’s Resist The God Trick, to the warm breakbeats of Nesa Azadikhah’s Perpetual and shimmering 4/4 loops of AIDA’s Ode To Expectations, this is a proudly diverse and fiercely individual collection of tracks from some of the most talented female artists in electronic music today, and deserves to be recognised as such.

Elsewhere you’ll find polyrhythmic electro in the form of Rojin Sharafi’s  Dbkkk – a track suffused with both beauty and raw aggression – and the beatless experimentation of Farzané’s Quorl; a highly experiential, amorphous cut that pulses with both organic and mechanical sentience, creating a deeply unsettling and memorable atmosphere.  

Intended Consequence is a collection of music dedicated to the choice and continuum of Iranian women’s fight for freedom in the day-to-day.

Intended Consequence is out on 4 August on Apranik Records

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