5 Popular DJ Live Sets From Bali You Should Watch

Bali, Indonesia, continues to be one of the hottest vacation destinations in the world. Over 1.03 million international tourists visited Bali by March of this year, and the fraction continues to grow exponentially! Of the large number, the island has also welcomed a plethora of starry names in EDM who have steered electronic live sets from this holiday destination.

From Miss Monique to ALAR, we highlight five such DJ sessions hosted at popular venues you can watch right now!


Ukrainian-born and Bali-based DJ and producer Alexander Alar has amassed a bevy of impressive sets in varied locations in the last few years. To his profile, the party maker has played sessions in sites such as the Himalayas, atop a building in Kolkata, India, and on the wing of a refurbished aircraft. One of ALAR’s most well-received sets online is his takeover of the popular nightclub Savaya Bali. Staged atop the edge of the cliff and overlooking the ocean, ALAR dishes out truckloads of indie dance, progressive house, and melodic techno beats to a capacity crowd.

Savaya Bali, formerly OMNIA Bali, is a posh beachside club with multiple bars, DJ events, and a swimming pool snuggled on the cliffs of Uluwatu in the southwest region of Bali.

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Find events at Savaya Bali on: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Dita: Boiler Room

January 2022’s Boiler Room in Bali radiated from La Brisa Beach Club and bragged acts PNNY, Gero, and CC Disco! Closing the showcase was Potato Head’s Bali resident, Dita. The nearly hour-long performance sees Dita spewing out her unique brand of acid house, house, disco, and breaks. The set on YouTube has amassed over 55,000 views so far and gained vast praise in the comments section. Don’t miss the masterfully crafted jazzy tech tune ‘Otome No Inori’ (40 minutes in), which transforms the vibe of the set!

La Brisa, a popular nightlife destination in Bali, is situated on the picturesque Echo Beach, renowned for its exquisite décor, sustainably sourced food, and traditional Balinese hospitality. Coupled with a vibrant range of live events and gigs, this venue hosts a farmers market on Sundays to support local farmers and small enterprises.

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Discover La Brisa online: Website | Instagram


Ukrainian music producer Garsi is known for her prowess as a DJ, musician, and guitarist, spilling out waves of house, melodic techno, and indie dance music during her sessions. December 2022 and January 2023 saw the electronic artist take to the Indonesian Island of Bali to add two of her most spectacular live sets to her already dazzling repertoire. Garsi’s live session at K-Club Ubud was held during the closing days of December and spanned an impressive hour and a half. Throughout the set, Garsi sticks to pushing buttons and withholds her skills on the guitar during this outing.

Garsi steers in this performance from K-Club Ubud, a luxurious eco-friendly escape that also houses the Kabana Club, one of Indonesia’s biggest Jungle Pool Clubs.

Find K Club Ubud on: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Find Kabana Club on: Facebook | Instagram

Miss Monique

Another music producer hailing from Ukraine, DJ Olesia Arkusha, best known as Miss Monique or MiMo, has taken her podcast sessions to some of the world’s most scenic locations, including Tulum, Bali, and Ibiza. Her first episode of 2023 (Episode 38) saw the electronic music producer present a melodic techno and progressive house mix from the sea-facing El Kabron Bali Beach Club.

With the deck situated beside the infinity pool, Miss Monique’s setlist included releases from Hi-Lo, Andrewboy, Manu Cerasa, Cristoph, and Hidden Empire. At the time of writing, it is still one of Monique’s most-viewed live sets on YouTube, with over 4.1 million views; 500,000 of which were garnered in the first two weeks of its premiere. Speaking of the positive response, MiMo shared a post on social media saying, “MiMo Weekly Podcast 038 hit more than 500.000 views on YouTube in two weeks! Big thanks for watching and listening, friends.”

Miss Monique’s deck stemmed from the iconic luxury beach club and live music venue El Kabron. This nightlife hub was recently visited by German record producer and composer Chris Avantgarde, and Italian DJ, producer, and composer Sasha Carassi, who made their maiden performance in Bali at the Sunset Techno Flower Party.

Find El Kabron on: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Lia Lisse

A staple of the electronic music scene, DJ and Producer Yuliya Yarash, best known as Lia Lisse, presented a tantalizing melodic setlist from Malini Uluwatu, a restaurant in Bali sitting on a cliff’s edge looming over the sea. The live set by the Belarussian is an hour and ten minutes long, and the camera switches between Lisse, the waves crashing into the rocks, fantastic glimpses of the shoreline, and peeks of the restaurant. The session currently brags over 141,180 views and puffs of mixes from Space Motion, CamelPhat, Rufus Du Sol, and Yotto.

It is one of the most viewed videos on the artist’s channel, and Lia Lisse highlighted the triumph on social media, expressing, “100.000 VIEWS ON MY YOUTUBE LIVE SET FROM BALI Thank you guys a lot! It’s a very new experience for me and I really appreciate your support.”

Malini Uluwatu is a popular restaurant in Denpasar, Bali, which serves authentic seafood and Indonesian cuisine.

Discover Malini Uluwatu on: Instagram | Facebook

Artists mentioned in this list: ALAR | Dita | Garsi | Miss Monique | Lia Lisse

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