Vernon Noronha Releases New Single, ‘Shehron Se Duur’

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Vernon Noronha takes you away from the frenzied city lifestyle on his new Hindi-worded single, ‘Shehron Se Duur.’

‘Shehron Se Duur,’ which translates to ‘Far from the City,’ is a nearly three-minute upbeat dance-inducing song stitched together with a catchy hook. Noronha’s latest piece, also his first written in Hindi, commences with sonic bursts of mild guitar themes, leads into flurries of flowing horns courtesy of trumpeter Agnelo Picardo, and closes with harmonizing chorus overlays. Musician Vernon Noronha, a regular wanderer of the hills and mountains, describes the song as one of the many melodies that came to him while riding his motorbike.

Vernon Noronha – Image courtesy of the artist
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Speaking about the single, Vernon notes, “This song started off as a feel-good – acoustic – breezy song but the arrangement took a turn once the ‘Closer To Home ‘ (2016) producer – Leron D’Souza stepped in and now it’s a thumping fun dance track.” On why this track was penned in Hindi, the singer told us, “The thought arrived in Hindi, so on my way through, I guess I was thinking out loud about the city in Hindi.” The indie artist adds, “I remember writing the first few lines after my frustration with the city kept growing. As the days passed by, I could only calm myself down after mentally transporting myself to quiet places such as the mountains where I could breathe freely.”

Noronha dives in to explain ‘Shehron Se Duur,’ expressing: “We’re constantly seeking an escape from the city due to the bustle, pollution, thronging population, and many other factors. Some people love the city, some are here to just survive, while their souls exist elsewhere. Each time they manage to get away from the hustle of the city, they realize that these clear blue skies, snowcapped mountains, serene villages, and tranquil shorelines are what they would finally want to call home.”

Song Credits

Produced by Leron D’Souza and Vernon Noronha
Drums by Kristofor Mendonca
Trumpets by Agnelo Picardo
Guitars by Leron D’souza and Vernon Noronha
Mixed and Mastered by Jason D’Souza
Recorded at Joshua Inc.
Cover Photo Edit by Shannon Fernandes
Composed by Vernon Noronha
Lyrics by Vernon Noronha and Abhinab Dan

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