House Of TUNEMAN Captures Bombay’s Bustle With New Single

The hyper grooves of the folk elements of ‘Bombay Bustle’ coupled with tech house textures, encapsulate the city’s throbbing pulse to perfection.

For years and years, there have been several iconic songs that are an ode to Bombay’s love for embracing chaos. While getting infected by its warmth, new or old, it’s a long list of emblematic songs, but if you are looking for a tune in house music format that illustrates the spirit of the city, go no further than House Of TUNEMAN’s ‘Bombay Bustle.’

An artist with a wide range of influences in his repertoire, Delhi-based Karan Dhingra aka House Of TUNEMAN, has perfected the fusion of deep house, Afro, and tech house in his music. Drawing inspiration from a number of countries, where he explored various music scenes and festivals, the talented producer inculcated his influences in his productions; and the result is a beautiful concoction of Indian folk elements and contemporary dance music.

Incorporating traditional Indian instruments like Bhagpang, Tabla, and Morsing alongside mesmerizing Carnatic vocals, ‘Bombay Bustle’ encapsulates the essence of Mumbai’s bustling and chaotic yet vibrant and colorful life. To add more groove and a worldly vibe, House Of TUNEMAN has also infused the track with Afro-essential sounds like Doshru, Inhaca, and Gorongosa. This eclectic mix paints a vivid sonic picture that transports listeners into the heart of Mumbai’s fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle.

Speaking about his latest tune, House of TUNEMAN said, “Artists like WADE, KAHANI, DJ BONE and even SOLOMUN are using samples from Indian instruments and vocals in their production. It sounds catchy and fuses effortlessly with all genres. All these artists inspired me to make a track where I can use all these sounds and present a new style of Indian electronic music to the audience.

This city has always fascinated me, which is why the video comprises all the essential elements of Mumbai, like Mumbai local trains, laavni dancers, Bollywood posters, double decker buses, glimpses of Ganesh Chaturthi, and famous landmarks, accompanied by an AI version of the artist himself performing.”

With 19 successful releases signed by reputable European and Indian record labels, House Of TUNEMAN’s ability to captivate has earned him recognition from renowned artists worldwide, and his tracks have garnered millions of views on popular techno platforms. Prominent DJs like Goldcap and Sabo have also played his music at venues across various countries.

With House Of TUNEMAN’s impressive track record and unique musical vision, ‘Bombay Bustle’ is poised to leave an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.

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