TFword in Conversation With Incurzion Audio

We had a chat with the experimental bass music label about their beginnings, the styles they have been pushing, their recent releases, and lots more.

Hailing from Penarth, a small town situated in the South of Wales, sending their bass frequencies worldwide, Incurzion Audio is without a doubt one of the most forward-thinking imprints in bass music.

Founded in 2018 by Zak King with innovation and experimentation at the heart of their expedition, Incurzion Audio is now a name that is synonymous with releasing futuristic bass music material. From the tech-fueled lanes of No Patterns to the weird and wonky basslines of THROE and the recently released mind-bending EPs from Lokal and Censored The Audio, Incurzion Audio has been on a full frontal assault ever since its inception.

We wanted to know more about the process behind the label’s outstanding output, so we spoke with the label’s head, Zak King about the inception of Incurzion Audio, their development as a label, and their plans for the remainder of the year.

TFword: How and when did the idea of Incurzion Audio come about?
Incurzion Audio: The idea came about late 2017 when I was just getting involved with the drum & bass scene in Cardiff (as a raver). At the time I noticed there was a lack of Drum & Bass record labels and wanted to create my own brand. The brand started off as a small collective of artists that released weekly mixes and soon moved on to releasing original production and getting booked for local takeovers.   

TF: The label explores many styles and brings a wide array of genres into its music. Was it always the plan to make the label’s catalog expansive?
Incurzion Audio: I don’t think it was ever the plan. Over time we just grew a love for music that was a bit out of the ordinary. We felt that every upcoming label was releasing the same sort of stuff, we wanted to be different. As of now we boast a catalogue with many different genres! Even though our releases might be so different in sound, you can hear they’re an Incurzion release from a mile off. 

TF: Let’s roll back the years to your first few releases with the likes of Hexa and No Patterns, to name a few. How do you think Incurzion Audio has evolved since then?
Incurzion Audio: Hexa and No Patterns still play a very crucial role with Incurzion and are both active roster members. It’s been great to see their styles develop along the way, they’ve had some great releases on some great labels. 

TF: We love your quality-over-quantity approach. How do you go about lining up your releases?
Incurzion Audio: To be honest with you our releases fall into place. We’re not the kind of label that’s focused on poaching artists, but we are happy to be the home of people’s weird and wacky production. 

TF: Talk us through some of your recent releases this year. How has the experience been?
Incurzion Audio: This year has easily been our biggest year to date. A memorable release for me would be our ‘Sometimes Summer Sonics’ album which was our first all liquid drum and bass album. Although we are primarily a ‘left field’ music hub, we feel like liquid is such a big part of the label. 

TF: What according to you would be the natural progression for Incurzion Audio in the coming years?Incurzion Audio: I think we aim to release more merchandise,  Perhaps a whole different brand for that. And we aim to run a lot more live shows, introduce the world to some fresh artists, keep pushing the sonic boundary, and stay true to our supporters.   

TF: How does Incurzion Audio plan to close the year 2023?
Incurzion Audio: We plan to close the year the same as last year. One big remix album, and the release of ‘We Are Incurzion 4’. It’s always good to round the year off with a bit of a release blow out! Keep an eye out for the both of them. 

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