Paige Announces Debut Album ‘King Clown,’ Shares New Single ‘Aquarian’

Ahead of releasing her debut album ‘King Clown’ on October 13, we talk to Paige about her latest single ‘Aquarian,’ her forthcoming record, performing in Australia, and more!

Not too long after rolling out the peppy romantic single ‘Dance With You,’ New Zealand-based artist Paige adds the latest track ‘Aquarian’ to her effervescent catalog of pop music. Penned to summarize her desire to be an Aquarius, ‘Aquarian’ is a buoyant song, lifted off with a snazzy guitar lick that develops into a perfect composition of a pop banger; one with a discernible synth solo to tie everything together. “I find a lot of Aquarians are very level headed and organised, and I thought it would be a fun subject to sing about,” Paige revealed to us, talking about the idea behind the track. “I came up with the guitar chords and Josh (composer, lyricist, and producer of ‘Aquarian’) built the production around it, and it was super fun.”

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‘Aquarian’ and ‘Dance With You’ lay the foundation of Paige’s forthcoming debut album ‘King Clown,’ acclimating her listeners to what’s yet to come as she explores multiple genres and experiments with different sonic approaches. When it comes to ‘King Clown’s concept, Paige says it is “about the best parts and the worst parts of a person and coming to peace with both of those things.”

The concept ties in neatly with Paige’s roster of music, having been known to explore the themes of sexuality, coming of age, mental health, and relationships in her former projects. “Music is my outlet, whether it’s listening to it or writing,” explains the artist, discussing what inclines her to draw inspiration from these themes. “I write about these things to vent about them, to express myself, but also, I know that when I listen to music, I find the songs that are written about sexuality, mental health and relationships to be the ones I connect to very deeply, and I want my listeners to be able to connect to my music and feel a sense of freedom in it.”

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Paige’s congruity with her fans as a result of her refreshing music has her name etched as one of Aotearoa’s cardinal pop artists to emerge from its thriving music scene. The singer/songwriter is simultaneously embarking on performing outside of her homeland. She recently had her debut performance in Australia, performing alongside Sydney-based artist Odette. “I found that people in Australia seem quick to compliment and praise artists,” expressed Paige as she delved into her brand-new experience. “It was also my first experience doing back to back shows so it taught me how much I have to prioritise my health on tour, which was interesting! It was a big goal of mine to perform in Australia this year and I’m glad this happened.”

Debuting in Australia surely is one of the many goals Paige will achieve this year; With the arrival of ‘King Clown’ in sight, who’s to say what else the artist has in store! While it’s too soon for Paige to share what else she has arranged for the year, the artist has hinted at her excitement about some summer shows happening soon.

‘Aquarian’ is now out on all platforms, check it out: HERE

Find Paige on: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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