Satori to Debut His 10-Hour Set in New York on September 10

Prepare for an unforgettable showcase of jazz, afrobeat, house, and world music dispersed across ten hours as Dutch musician and performer Satori heads to Brooklyn, New York, on September 10, 2023. Seize your tickets to this mystical musical journey by darting onto The Ticket Fairy now!

Electronic musician Djordje Petrovic, best known as Satori, is set to storm New York City’s 99 Scott Warehouse in Brooklyn, submitting his 10-hour-long EDM production for the first time outside the Netherlands. Commencing at 1 PM, this live music and event space will witness Satori’s prowess on the stringed kora, kalimba, piano, wind instruments, and guitar layered over deep electronica music. Satori usually takes on this marathon of a live showcase once a year in his hometown. As with all of Satori’s performances, this is sure to be an otherworldly musical escapade, triggering outdoors in the day and gliding under the moonlight.

Speaking about his first-ever live performance, Satori told Beatportal, “This was about 12 years ago for a Dutch festival called Next Monday’s Hangover, they still organize amazing events! So they invited me to perform my first live set based on my album at the time. I was so limited in my setup at the time as I didn’t know much about performing live, but I still enjoyed it. And my hunger for getting better and better really started there.”

The artist was recently ill, suffering from fever and bronchitis, and unfortunately canceled his shows in Mykonos, Barcelona, and Bruggues. Satori later took to Instagram to provide his followers with a health update, saying, “I am now fully recovered and finally back to my instruments again.”

The Brooklyn-based venue for Satori’s debut, 99 Scott, is divided into three separate settings, each with indoor and outdoor spaces suited for creative events, private parties, exhibitions, live shows, and so on. In recent months, Amante and John Summit are some of the artists who have performed here.

For tickets to Satori’s 10 Hour Set, visit The Ticket Fairy: HERE

Find Satori on: Soundcloud | Spotify

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