Shweta Srivastava Releases New Single, ‘Paradise’

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Shweta Srivastava releases her fifth single ‘Paradise,’ a nearly three-minute tune bursting with fragments of neo-soul, pop, and electronica.

A couple of months after presenting a stripped-down acoustic rendition of ‘Saturn,’ vocalist, composer, and lyricist Shweta Srivastava serves up her latest track. ‘Paradise’ commences with soothing work on the keys before weaving into a flavorsome melody comprising delicate textures and electronic stabs. Shweta’s unwavering voice guides the composition as it progressively infuses harmonizing vocals.

“Paradise is a song of unspoken emotional contemplations. It talks about the unexpressed emotions we often keep hidden of love, expectations and the need for reassurance,” says Shweta, who goes on to convey, “In its harmonious convergence, the song reflects the ubiquitous struggle we face: the challenge of expressing our emotions to those who matter most.”

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Further diving into her new release, Shweta tells us, “Paradise emerged from my instinctive habit of having intense internal conversations and exploring diverse viewpoints within myself. While I may outwardly appear as an extrovert, in truth, I gravitate towards introversion when it concerns personal connections. This contrast became the heart of the song – merging new-age electro production with emotive songwriting and vocals.”

Shweta also poured praise on producer Sagar Dhote, noting that he was a pivotal figure in shaping the new single. She talked about working with the seasoned music composer, saying, “His production style inspired many sections within the song. It was a journey having to work with him. Our partnership was like a wild fusion experiment – Sagar’s seasoned musical prowess blending with my creative chaos.”

To conclude, we asked Shewta about her music and songwriting styles. “With my music, I attempt to create a space where listeners can find solace in their intrinsic thoughts and feelings. However, through personal experience, I’ve come to understand the significance of giving voice to the thoughts that keep us awake at night.” She added, “I wish for every listener to recognize the paramount value of self-expression. It stands as an invaluable takeaway from this musical experience.”

Shweta Srivastava is set to follow up this release with more music, intending to release her first EP in Hindi and English in the first half of 2024.

Song Credits:
Singer-songwriter: Shweta Srivastava
Producer: Sagar Dhote
Vocal Harmonies: Shweta Srivastava
Mix and Master: Hanish Taneja

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