TFword in Conversation With Heard Right

We had a chat with the Belarusian hotshot about his latest release on Purified Records, his debut album, plans for the rest of the year, and lots more.

Bringing together an enticing blend of instrumental arrangements, glistening synths, and progressive basslines, Belarusian producer Heard Right is a name that has become synonymous with dishing out music that is straight from the musical heavens. 

Channeling his ability to evoke the deepest human emotions with his music, Heard Right already boasts a catalog that is spread across respected imprints like Purified Records, Colorize, Rose Avenue, and Monstercat Silk, to name a few.

Last year marked the release of Heard Right’s debut album ‘Dreams,’ and since then, the producer has been on an incredible run of breathtaking releases. That run has now led to the return to Purified Records for an emotive 2-tracker called the ‘Moth’ EP.

As he welcomes listeners back into his sublime sonic realm once again, we caught up with Heard Right to know more about his latest release, his debut album, progression of his sound, and lots more.

‘Moth’ has captivated us in a way we cannot describe. What are your thoughts on how the tune has shaped up?
Heard Right: Very glad to hear that you liked this track. Actually the process was quite long but very interesting. The instrumental version was done quite quickly. Then I thought for a long time who could complete this track vocally. And then I approached Richard Walters and asked if he would be interested in doing a vocal topline for this track and he agreed, after a while we finalized the track and I was very happy and knew that this track would be one of the most important tracks for me and I hope the listeners will like it too.

‘Theory Of Charms’ lives up to its name of casting a melodic spell. What was the inspiration behind the name?
Heard Right: It’s very simple, the name was taken from the movie Harry Potter. ‘Theory of Charms’ is part of an exam at Hogwarts school, in the movie I saw this writing on the blackboard and thought it was perfect for this track.

Together, ‘Moth’ and ‘Theory Of Charms’ a solid EP. Talk us through the creative process of both tunes.
Heard Right: It was an interesting experience, I’ve talked about the making of the track ‘Moth’ previously. But ‘Theory of Charms’ was originally a remix of a track by a big trance artist that didn’t get released due to unforeseen circumstances and I was thinking where this track could be a great fit and I decided to send it as a additional track to ‘Moth’ and that’s how this EP came about.

You’ve been on a great run of releases this year. Talk us through how 2023 has been for you with your music.
Heard Right: It’s been another good year for me. Almost every month there is a new release from me and it’s awesome. I get to release my music on my favorite labels and work with good people and I really hope it continues next year as well.

The year 2022 marked the release of your debut album as well. What was the experience like while working on the album?
Heard Right:
It was an incredible experience. Especially since it was a very important project for me. I wanted to try to do something new and big and I think I succeeded. I got to work with very talented musicians and vocalists who made my project very special. I will definitely try to make another album in the future.

How did the Heard Right journey begin and how do you think your sound has progressed ever since you started making music?
Heard Right: I started my music journey with a progressive trance release that we did together with my friends Seawayz & Sollito, then I quickly moved to a deeper and lighter sound, occasionally diluting it with dance works but not too experimental. I still stick to that sound to this day.

What are the other styles and genres you like exploring other than your formative one?
Heard Right: I also like to do progressive breaks tracks and light electronica not with straight kick and I like to create ambient tracks when I have a certain mood for it.

How is the rest of the year looking for Heard Right?
Heard Right: I have two more releases this year. They will be collaborations with my friends. You can expect at least two mixtapes from me. Also I will be working on new music for next year, which is expected to be no less interesting than 2023.

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