Komorebi Continues the Tale of Kiane on New Single ‘Watch Out’

In what is one of the most unique concepts of storytelling in music this year, electronica producer and singer Komorebi adds another chapter in the life of Kiane via her new single ‘Watch Out.’

New Delhi-based producer, avid gamer and anime lover Tarana Marwah, best known as Komorebi, follows up the first single ‘I Grew Up‘ of her upcoming conceptual album, ‘The Fall,’ with a fresh new tune ‘Watch Out.’ So far, each music release has captured a snippet of Kiane, a space traveler and the central character of Komorebi’s forthcoming thirty-page comic book. For her newest release, the artist has reeled in some of the heavy hitters of the Indian music scene, including Dhruv Visvanath, Easy Wanderlings, and Warren Mendonsa aka Blackstratblues, who also featured on ‘I Grew Up.’

‘Watch Out’ unfurls to exhibit pensive piano work accompanied by tidy guitar plucking, layered with Komorebi’s vocal textures. The single gradually threads in stunning orchestral harmonies, electric guitar segments, and woodwind notes. “A song about letting go of attachment. How loving people can mean letting them go, and embracing one’s right to freedom. Simultaneously expressing wonderment at the strangeness of the universe we live in,” mentions Komorebi.

The music video for ‘Watch Out’ was filmed in Leh, India, with a team of three people and features drag queen Glorious Luna, who portrays the character of ‘Luna Tick,’ the antagonist of the story, and Tarana, who depicts Kiane. The two of them are seen engaged in a dance duel in the second chapter of Kiane’s narrative, where she meets Luna Tick. “Luna presents themself as a friend first, which is tempting for Kiane to fall for on a planet where she knows no one, and in a way with the lyrics, I’m warning Kiane about letting go of toxic attachment,” explains Komorebi.

Song credits:
Written and Composed by – Tarana Marwah
Acoustic Guitars by – Dhruv Visvanath
Flutes and Harmonies by – Easy Wanderlings
Electric Guitars by – Blackstratblues
Produced by – Tarana Marwah & Gaurav Raina
Mixed by – Gaurav Raina
Mastered by – Mike Marsh, The Xchange

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