Prominent DnB YouTube Channel Basilisk Bass to Start New Record Label

Basilisk Bass, the Kiwi drum & bass channel pushing the darker end of the genre on YouTube, will kickstart their label’s journey at the start of 2024.

In a time where platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are readily curating playlists that align with your taste, YouTube still remains the biggest source to find new music. Having the deepest libraries of possibly every genre of music, the serendipitous feeling of finding the deepest musical gems is second to none.

Given how challenging it is to locate high-quality music in underground genres like drum & bass, YouTube channels take on an outsized role. Thankfully, the genre has been blessed with some outstanding channels that are consistently pushing the freshest drum & bass.

One of them is the Kiwi drum & bass channel Basilisk Bass, which specializes in being the one-stop shop for all things deep, minimal, soulful, and rolling drum & bass. Founded in 2016 and based out of Christchurch, Basilisk Bass has gone from merely posting the tracks they like to premiering upcoming releases from prominent labels of the genre. Six years after promoting drum & bass as one of the genre’s chief promotional frontmen, Basilisk Bass are all set to start their label in 2024.

“We are launching a new premier drum and bass brand/label at the start of 2024. With over 30,000 followers on our existing platforms this will be a great place to kickstart careers, solidify existing ones or to find home on a label. We are looking for new undiscovered talent to sign and grow alongside us, along with established artists that fit the “sound and aesthetic” of the label. Based in New Zealand and Australia we’d love to sign talent from these regions but also international artists as well.”

Keeping their love for deep, dark and rolling drum & bass at the helm, the label will aim to provide up-and-coming artists with a big platform to showcase their music. Taking inspiration from 1985 Music, Critical Music, The North Quarter, Flexout Audio and Sofa Sound Bristol, the label will look to sign drum & bass artists in most of the sub-genres with a heavy focus on minimal, liquid, club-oriented tunes and ‘break-style’ rollers.

We’ve already seen a huge influx of brand new drum & bass labels come through in the past few years, which has led to artists having a plethora of options to send their music to; and Basilisk Bass can prove to be a game changer for channels across the board to pursue their mission with more impetus.

If you are an artist and you like the people at Basilisk Bass to hear your music, you can send your demos – HERE.

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