Dallas Tamaira Shares New Single ‘Stormy’ Ahead of Debut EP ‘Levels’

Aoeteora’s acclaimed vocalist Dallas Tamaira drops his latest single ‘Stormy’ prior to releasing his first-ever solo EP ‘Levels’ in two decades.

The Covid-19-induced lockdown yielded a handful of stellar tracks from the famed New Zealand-based vocalist, producer and illustrator Dallas Tamaira. The result of his creative experiment as a solo artist bore hits like ‘Just Fine,’ ‘Spider,’ and ‘No Flowers.’ Dallas Tamaira, aka Joe Dukie, gave a glimpse of his forthcoming EP with the release of his single, ‘Leaning,’ earlier this year.

The artist now returns with a jazz-inspired single titled ‘Stormy,’ which spotlights his signature soul vocals amidst vintage dub sounds and indelible horns. Dallas’ latest offering will be a part of his upcoming six-track EP, ‘Levels,’ slated to be released on November 3. “Releasing my first solo EP in 25 years has been a feeling of equal parts anxious, excited, and relieved,” said Dallas in a press release regarding the EP. “I began writing ‘Levels’ during lockdown and it’s thematically all about escapism, creating and exploring new worlds and spaces, and navigating and strengthening bonds along the way. I’m really proud of it and grateful to the awesome team of people who helped me put it all together.”

‘Levels’ will see Dallas Tamaira explore his soulful, jazzy and other musical inquisitions. The project was made in collaboration with long-time musical friends and collaborators – producer Devin Abrams aka Reno (Shapeshifter, Pacific Heights, Drax Project), and engineer Chris Faiumu aka Mu (Fat Freddy’s Drop, Bongmaster, Ladi6).

With a longstanding 25-year career as one of New Zealand’s renowned vocalists, Dallas Tamaira is known popularly as the frontman of the renowned multi-genre band Fat Freddy’s Drop. The outfit’s impeccable combination of dub, reggae, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, and techno has attracted a loyal following locally and internationally.

Tracklist for ‘Levels’:

  1. Leaning
  2. Levels
  3. Shallows
  4. Spirits
  5. Stormy
  6. Huwi

Listen to ‘Stormy’ by Dallas Tamaira: HERE

Find Dallas Tamaira on: Instagram | YouTube | Website

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