Perp and Varun Team Up Again to Release ‘Easy Come Easy Go’

Mumbai-based singer-songwriters and regular collaborators Urmila Sivadas aka Perp and Varun Agnihotri explore the transitory nature of modern relationships on their new single, ‘Easy Come Easy Go.’

The single follows on from Perp and Varun’s previous musical exploits ‘Best Friend‘ (2022) and ‘Weatherman‘ (2023) featuring vocalist Tiana Tara, and is also the second release from Mumbai-based label Robach Music Group. ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ is a tranquil offering, laid over a canvas of delicate strumming, puffing out the vocal and lyrical skill of both artists.

The song is accompanied by a music video that depicts various tension-filled episodes of a modern relationship. Since its release, it has amassed over five thousand views and accumulated heaps of praise in the comments. In a cleverly snuck-in callback, around the minute-and-a-half mark, the music video for Varun’s single ‘Waiting On You‘ can be seen on the television screen. The song’s title is also a tribute to lyrics from Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ while also evoking Michael Burks’ ‘Hard Come, Easy Go.’

Easy Come Easy Go – Music video directed by filmmaker Shivang Monga

“The track captures the essence of our current era, from finding love to making art or traveling the world where everything seems to effortlessly work itself out, resulting in a diminishing sense of preservation and value,” said Perp about ‘Easy Come Easy Go.’ “This release holds a deeply special place in our hearts as the songwriting process was nothing short of a natural flow of creativity. The lyrics carry significant meaning to us, and we made a conscious decision to craft a simple vocal melody without overwhelming instrumentation.”

Varun chipped in on the new release, stating, “Today, connections are made and broken with ease, and the allure of constant novelty or ‘FOMO’ tempts us to be everywhere at once – the song explores how this ‘easy-come-easy-go’ culture may impact the true worth of our endeavors.”

Listen to ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ by Perp and Varun: HERE

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Song Credits:
Producer, Composer, Singer, and Lyricist: Perp and Varun Agnihotri
Mix & Master: Cali Recording Studios
Label: Robach Music Group
Music Video: Directed by Shivang Monga

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