Best Indonesian Films and TV Shows of 2023 So Far

Indonesia churns out more than a hundred films each year. From horror, thrillers, and biopics to comedies, dramas, and romance, it has something for everyone. These films give us a peek into Indonesia, its culture, lore, and lots more interesting things.

Below is a list of Indonesian movies and TV series released so far in 2023 that you need to watch right now:

Today We’ll Talk About That Day

In the mood for an emotional drama? Netflix brings you ‘Today We’ll Talk About That Day,’ an Indonesian drama film described as a prequel to ‘One Day We’ll Talk About Today’ released in 2019, wherein Narendra and Ajeng’s lives come together and viewers see both their past and present.

It stars Jourdy Pranata (‘Almost is Never Enough’), Rio Dewanto (‘Filosofi Kopi’), Yunita Siregar (‘Love in Paris’), Agla Artalidia (‘Hari yang Dijanjikan’), Rukman Rosadi (‘Tales Of The Otherwords’), Donny Damara (‘Lovely Man’), Ira Wibowo (‘Sabtu Bersama Bapak’), Arifin Putra (‘The Raid 2’), and more. ‘Today We’ll Talk About That Day’ has been directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko (‘One Day We’ll Talk About Today’, ‘Stealing Raden Saleh’), who is also the founder of an award-winning Film Production Company – Visinema Pictures.

Stream ‘Today We’ll Talk About That Day’ on Netflix: HERE

Losmen Melati

If you’re looking for a horror series, ‘Losmen Melati’ will take you to an inn where its owner, Madam Melati, makes them come face to face with their worst nightmares. The guests at this inn soon discover the owner’s dark past and evil plans. This Indonesian horror series features Alexandra Gottardo, Dwi Sasono (‘Tetangga Masa Gitu’), Fandy Christian, Kiki Narendra (‘Berbalas Kejam’), Putra Dinata, Cornelio Sunny (‘3 (Alif Lam Mim)’), and more.

Watch Losmen Melati on: CATCHPLAY

Fireworks or Kembang Api

‘Fireworks’ is an Indonesian film that sees four people who are struggling with their lives and personal trauma. The movie follows these four individuals as they come up with a suicide pact using a massive fireworks bomb to blow themselves up. However, things don’t work as planned, and they find themselves trapped in a time loop. The cast of this film on Netflix includes Marsha Timothy (‘Noktah Merah Perkawinan’), Donny Damara (‘Lovely Man’), Ringgo Agus Rahman (‘Keluarga Cemara’), Hanggini (‘Ustad Milenial’), Imelda Therinne (‘Tetuge’), Vino G. Bastian (‘Buya Hamka Vol. 1’), Rachel Hwadi Zaverio, and Putri Patricia.

Find Fireworks on Netflix: HERE

Dunia Tanpa Suara

Arissa is hard of hearing and speech-impaired. ‘Dunia Tanpa Suara’ sees Arissa, Kania, and Ezra’s lives change on the opening day of the teashop “Yang Bercerita.” This newest Indonesian film follows Arissa and Kania’s friendship and Ezra and Arissa’s love story. ‘Dunia Tanpa Suara’ has been directed by Hanung Bramantyo (‘This Earth of Mankind’), and stars Caitlin Halderman (‘Surat Cinta untuk Starla the Movie’), Nasya Marcella (‘Aku Bukan Wanita Pilihan’), Maxime Bouttier (‘Ticket to Paradise’), Chindy Karomah, Ayu Prasiska, Dian Nitami, Reza Rusandi, and Bagas Pratama Saputra.

Dunia Tanpa Suara is streaming on Amazon Prime Video: HERE

Hantu Baru

‘Hantu Baru’ revolves around Sasa, who dies after a car accident. However, her spirit is not aware of her death. Sasa then returns home. We see two ghosts attempt to help her realize and understand that she is not alive anymore in this horror-comedy titled ‘Hantu Baru.’ Sasa tries to help her siblings during difficult times and also tries to resolve all that she needs to before she leaves. Adink Liwutang (‘The Underdogs’) served as the director of this film, while its cast includes Acha Septriasa (‘Heart’), Electra Leslie, Calvin Jeremy (‘Terlalu Tampan’), M. Adhiyat, Rezky Adhitya, and Sujiwo Tejo.


Earlier this year came out an Indonesian horror movie that follows Bahri. He lives in Mekarsari Village and discovers something is wrong. Due to his concern, he digs deeper into the strange things happening in his village. Baskoro Adi Wuryanto penned this 1-hour 32-minute film, while Dedy Kopola and Monty Tiwa served as the directors. Ajil Ditto (‘Ketua BEM and His Secret Wife’), Alif Joerg, Unique Priscilla (‘This is Cinta’), Givina Lukita (‘Detektif Jaga Jarak’), Khiva Iskak (‘Daysleepers’), Fanny Ghassani, and Revaldo (‘Serigala Terakhir’), among others, are a part of this film.

The Princess & The Boss

Grab some popcorn and be seated for this Indonesian comedy series to make you laugh your hearts out. ‘The Princess & The Boss’ follows Kiera, a young woman who criticizes a cosmetic line and lands her family business in trouble. She must face her nemesis to fix this, and it won’t be as easy as she thinks it is. ‘The Princess & The Boss’ features Syifa Hadju (‘Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu’), Maudy Effrosina (‘96 Jam’), Rizky Nazar (‘Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu’), Claudya Putri (‘Star Stealer’), Kiara Mckenna (‘Mozachiko’), Vladimir Rama, Mathias Muchus (‘Losmen’), and Delano Daniel.

96 Jam

‘96 Jam’ sees the kidnapping of six wealthy students. These kids from an esteemed school are held hostage along with a teacher and a cleaning service worker. Who is the culprit? This series stars Maudy Effrosina, Bastian Steel (‘Hanya Kamu’), T. Rifnu Wikana (‘Night Bus’), Irzan Faiq (‘Hari Ini Kenapa Naira’), Gabriella Ekaputri, Arya Mohan, Lea Ciarachel, and Farandika, among others.

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