New Zealand’s Spectrum 2023 Ropes in Paige Julia, Miss Jade and More

Spectrum 2023 is all set to fire out a wholesome vial of experiences viz camping, art, music, community, and self-expression in New Zealand. Curated by the mixologist at Science of Sound, this one-of-a-kind musical odyssey takes place between September 29 – October 1 at Te Arai, an hour north of Auckland. Acts Megapixel, Page Juila, Miss Jade, Spoonhead, and more are set to feature! Tickets to Spectrum 2023 are brought to you by The Ticket Fairy.

Te Arai’s festival arena on 186 Atkins Road is set to morph into a haven of sonic splendor and artistic grandeur. Spectrum, a multi-genre boutique festival, is set to showcase a bevy of concoctions to please all your senses over the weekend. The theme for 2023 revolves around the Ouroboros, a serpent or dragon figure swallowing its tail, used as a symbol for the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth, with the festival stages ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ resonating with this concept.

As with the previous editions, Spectrum will let loose a multi-genre music buffet serving up chunks of bass, psychedelic, techno, house, dub, DnB, disco, and more. Electronic acts Megumi Savage aka Megapixel, DnB staple Paige Julia, psytrance radical Miss Jade, house and Afrobeat DJ Rana, and bass maniac Mufasa are set to perform over the two days. Abeat Lost, Basswobbles, Charles Wood, Entune, Emanate, Full Aum, Psynimal x Gabe, Brett Bronze, and Vyxn are also on the artist card.

Inspired by Burning Man, Shambala, and Wonderfruit festivals, on offer are activities such as lakeside camping, local and international artists displaying cabaret shows, art installations, performing arts, and workshops including yoga, permaculture fire and flow, and art therapy, to list a few. Assorted food and beverage and retail stalls will be on the campsite, offering festival goers a range of options to satisfy their food cravings and on-site festival attire. The event also maintains a zero-waste pledge, and attendees are urged to contribute to the event’s sustainability.

Spectrum 2023 unfurls with an opening ceremony commencing at 5:30 PM onwards. Early bird tickets for the festival are already sold out. Find the program schedule and ticketing link below!

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For more information, find Science of Sound online on: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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