Rosha, Jakhar, and Vasu Raina Release New Single ‘Aankho’

From Azadi Records comes yet another fresh hip-hop-meets-string single ‘Aankho,’ conjured by singer-songwriter Vasu Raina and frequent collaborators rapper Jakhar and producer Rosha.

After casting out ‘Faasle‘ earlier this year, New Delhi-based artists Rosha and Jakhar reel in musician Vasu Raina on their latest project ‘Aankho’ (Eyes). The nearly four-minute easy-on-the-ear tune lyrically threads in the heart and mind-altering consequences of love. Billed as “a modern-day romantic ballad,” the single creates a sonically honest portrayal of love’s powerful influence, outlined with RnB and pop melodies.

The Hindi-worded single opens with rhythmic guitar strumming and hops into multiple segments of dallied and speedy rap bars supported by strong vocal harmonies. “This song was literally written relating to personal incidents from the writer’s life which quite helped in the expression of love in the track,” said the artists.

‘Aankho’s music video depicts a romantic interaction owing to a by-chance encounter in a coffee shop. The visuals also allude to the prominent pottery scene from the 1990 movie ‘Ghost.’

We quizzed the artists on the takeaways and learnings from working as a trio on this release, to which they responded, “We learned that collaborations come with give and take, and we definitely learned a lot about each other. Coming from different genres, it was also a great deal in improving and growing our musicality.” They further added, “We also came to the realization that it really doesn’t take long to construct something so lovely when you know exactly what you want to do in the song. Ironically that’s how life works as well.”

“In my opinion, this was one of the path-opening songs for me as I was being introduced to a whole new genre of music which I always thought I would not succeed in. All thanks to Jakhar and Rosha, making the track together was not a hassle it was smooth as a dariya (river) flowing. It’s just great music and great memories weaving together,” expressed singer-songwriter Vasu Raina.

Rosha shared his account of working on this single with us, noting, “My experience was a surprising one, in fact a roller coaster, to be honest. Surprisingly, making music together just a couple of months after being introduced by one of our common friends, and actually getting to know each other helped a lot in the process.”

Jakhar weighed in to say: “Rosha and I have always worked together. We started our journey together and it’s been a roller coaster. We always look forward to collaborations and feel ecstatic about the beautiful end results we always get from them. From here on, our art and our daily lives combine and show us the path moving forward.”

Song Credits:
Written and performed by Vasu Raina and Tanishq Jakhar
Produced by: Rohan Sharma
Artwork by: Bhavika Bhatia
Mixed and Mastered by: Rohan Sharma
Music Label: Azadi Records

Find the artists online: Vasu Raina | Rosha | Jakhar

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