Alix Perez and Headland to Throw a Launch Party for Their Latest LP ‘Hellion’ in Auckland

Alix Perez and Headland are teaming up for an exclusive extended B2B set at The Mothership in Auckland, New Zealand, to commemorate the release of their LP ‘Hellion’! Joining them at the upcoming show on October 6 are Epoch, Surly, and Yoshka as supporting acts. Get tickets to celebrate Alix Perez and Headland’s new album from The Ticket Fairy.

‘Hellion,’ the eight-track collaborative project from Alix Perez and Headland, was released on Perez’s own imprint, 1985 Music. Alix Perez has cemented himself as one of the most forward-thinking DJs/producers, having had releases on the renowned independent UK drum & bass record label Shogun Audio, among others. Perez has taken his music far and wide and impressed audiences with his infectious sound.

Belgian-born Alix Perez announced ‘Hellion’ back in May on Instagram, saying: “Proud to finally announce ‘Hellion’. A conceptual mini album with good friend @headlandbeats forthcoming on the label. Sonically sinister and adventurous, the extended body of work traverses various tempos and rhythms under a focused sound palette. With artwork from @granul.eth and additional design by me, I’m super proud of the visual and sonic outcome of this project.”

Both Alix Perez and New Zealand-based producer Headland will take charge of The Mothership in Auckland next month! The duo have previously appeared on a VA project via 1985 Music titled ‘Codex / 2,’ alongside Ebb and Samba.

EPOCH and Surly will also be heading to the disco club in Auckland on October 6. “@alixperez1985 and @headlandbeats epic “Hellion” mini-album is getting a release party in October at @themothershipnz ? support from @yoshka___ @epochepochepoch and me me me me me ? see you inna dance,” Surly shared on Instagram.

“Couldn’t be more stoked to be on a line up with all these guys, celebrating the launch of @alixperez1985 and @headlandbeats new album Hellion at @themothershipnz on the 6th of October alongside the legends @epochepochepoch and @surly_nz,” wrote Yoshka, who is on support duties for this event and rounds out the incredible line-up.

Early Bird tickets have SOLD OUT! Seize your First Release tickets for Hellion with Alix Perez + Headland from The Ticket Fairy: HERE

Artists performing at this show: Alix Perez | Headland | Epoch | Surly | Yoshka
The Mothership on: Instagram
1985 Music on: Instagram

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