Mad Max, Mad Tribe, and More to Perform at AUM’s Second Warehouse Party in 2023

Gear up for one of the most exciting psychedelic trance parties coming to Auckland on October 14! AUM Festival is throwing their second warehouse party of the year, featuring the epic Mad Maxx and Mad Tribe, with Akasha, Rana, and Psy Santa as the supporting acts. Be prepared to be blown away by the stunning visuals, lighting, and signature AUM décor! Secure your tickets for AUM Warehouse from The Ticket Fairy.

Max Peterson, the real name of Mad Maxx, has been dishing out trance music tunes under various project names for over two decades. His solo project Mad Maxx, “a mix of trance, ethnic and deep sounds, with a strong kick and ominous bass line, an electro touch, emotional chants, and at times nostalgic atmospheres, with a BPM ranging from 140 to 145 in general,” as described on his SoundCloud, began in 2007. Mad Maxx has been delivering thrilling sets to trance fans far and wide.

The San Diego-born Mad Maxx has showcased his skills at the Energy Music Festival (Brazil), Insomnia Festival (Portugal) and Shankra Festival (Sri Lanka) this year and has had gigs in Switzerland, the UK, France, Serbia, USA, Canada, Germany, and Finland as part of his ongoing World Tour 2023. This tour will also take him to Australia, Mexico, Belgium, Japan, Argentina, Hungary, and Tasmania. The United Beats Records label boss dropped three collaborative tracks in 2023 – ‘Power Source’ with Menog, a famed psychedelic trance artist from Portugal, ‘Are You Alive’ with Avalon, and the latest ‘Astral Fractal’ with Spinal Fusion.

Mad Tribe, a collaboration between Mad Maxx and Space Tribe (Olli Wisdom RIP), will be bringing their “inspiring, Intense Full Power music with incredible production technique” to the AUM Warehouse party this October! They’ve been making music since 2005 and have also released two albums together.

Psychedelic trance DJ Akasha, who is scheduled to take the Spectrum stage this week, will be on support duties, with trance/psytrance DJ, musician, and singer Rana and Psy Santa rounding out the bill. 

Mad Tribe will play a 3-hour set! Brace yourself for a night filled with psychedelic trance music.

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Artists performing at AUM Warehouse Party: Mad Maxx | Mad Tribe | Akasha | Rana

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