TFword In Conversation With Naz

Following the inception of her new label and a stunning single to mark the imprint’s debut release, we had a chat with Naz about her music, how the label came about, her style of production, and lots more.

In modern-day dance music where the word ‘enchanting’ gets thrown around loosely, Iranian-Australian producer and beatsmith Naz has been on a quest to defy that notion and fill the emotion back into music. Bringing together her love for dreamy vocals, gritty textures and rumbling basslines, Naz has made her mark on revered imprints like Anjunabeats and Enhanced since making her debut in 2020.

Naz’s motto has been to ‘make people feel’ by using the innate power music has and to make that happen, the burgeoning DJ and producer has started her own label, New Eden Records. Taking the creative reigns into her own hands, Naz’s label will aim to create an immersive multimedia experience that seamlessly weaves together fantasy mystical storytelling, music, and epic visuals to transport audiences, readers and listeners into a magical world of wonder and adventure.

New Eden Records’ debut release has landed already with Naz bringing her A-game on ‘Into The Night’ featuring Frynn. The debut release is accompanied by a fascinating video that brings together enchanting melodies and stunning visuals to create a utopian world where anything is possible.

We were incredibly keen to know Naz’s thoughts on her new label, so we sat down with her to know more about New Eden Records, her style of productions, her plans for the rest of the year and lots more.

TFword: Congratulations on the inception of New Eden Records and the release of ‘Into The Night’. How would you like to describe the feeling?
Thank you so much! Ahh.. so many feelings and emotions! Excitement, nerves, a lot of ups and downs but mostly ups! It’s all a bit surreal that just a few months ago I was in planning phase and now it’s here and we’re full steam ahead!

TF: What was the inspiration behind starting New Eden Records?
Naz: So I really wanted to create a concept where Storytelling meets Music meets Animation. I, along with my VFX Designer, Jimmy, created these worlds within Unreal Engine (the worlds of New Eden) that set the scene for the story and the characters and the music. I wanted to offer audiences something they could read and watch as they listened to the music. And then I wanted to bring this all to life at live shows and events… allow people to really feel like they have stepped into the world of New Eden as soon as they enter.

TF: What are the styles New Eden Records intends to champion as it moves forward?
New Eden Records isn’t just a one-genre label within the realm of electronic dance music genres. I don’t want myself or other artists to feel pigeon-holed in the music that we create and in the music that will be released. The music needs to tell a story… and so with each track/song release, we publish a chapter of the New Eden story and create a fully animated music video that ties it all together.

TF: We loved the driving and piercing energy of ‘Into The Night.’ Talk us through your experience of writing the tune.
Thank you so much! I started on this one last year actually and sent it to an amazing vocalist I had been introduced to (Frynn) who when I first heard her voice, I immediately was like ‘ok wow, I can really hear her on this instrumental I have’. She then sent me back an idea for the vocals and I continued to play around with a few different versions until I got to the version that’s now been released!

TF: Deep, gritty and energetic productions with an enchanting vocal touch are steadily becoming an exclusive Naz territory. How would you like to describe your style and how do you think your sound has evolved ever since you started making music?
I really do love producing music with vocals. It’s where I feel the most creative weirdly enough, and I’m also such a big fan of vocal tracks in general! I feel like my style tapers on the edge of dark but euphoric… I love a good dark and driving bass line with a dreamy atmosphere and vocals to bring it all together.

I feel like I’ve maintained the ‘darkness’ element from the start, but the more music I make the more I learn and the more risks I am willing to take with sound design and ideas. I went from having terrible mix downs to then doing the final mix down myself without the need of a mix engineer for my last release on Enhanced (this was a big achievement for me on a personal level haha, it’s been a real process!). So it’s all an ongoing evolution and I’m loving every step.

TF: ‘Into The Night’ is also accompanied by a stunning video which is a unique visual experience. What was the idea behind it?
I had the plot of the first chapter already and I sat down with my VFX Designer, Jimmy, and walked him through the first chapter. We then built out the scenes bit by bit, teased a few of the scenes on socials for a month prior to release and then came out with the full music video when the track was released, along with Chapter One of the story.

TF: What, according to you, would be the natural progression for New Eden Records in the next couple of years?
We have a roll out strategy and phases for bringing this concept to live events… this is the part I am really excited about. I want the audience to really feel like they have stepped into the fantasy world of New Eden when they come to a show… where the music and the visuals tell the story.

TF: Who would you regard as your dream collaboration?
Naz: Oooh what a great question. This is tough I have so many! Ok we are talking ‘dream’ collab so I’m aiming really big here but Underworld would be one for sure. Such a massive influence for me and I’m such a huge huge fan of theirs.

TF: How are Naz and New Eden Records planning to close the year 2023?
My next release on New Eden is coming out in November 2023, and with this we will publish Chapter Two of the story and create the animated music video for it, like we’ll do with all releases. I have quite a few tracks ready and planned for release so I’m just excited to close out 2023 on a high and start 2024 strong with more releases and continue to build the story of New Eden and bring this concept to life at events!

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