RANJ x Clifr Drop New EP, ‘Antihero’

Bangalore-based hip-hop, R&B, pop, and soul project RANJ X Clifr have released their new EP ‘Antihero,’ lashing out seven new tracks that are flooded with rabid rap bars, ferocious levels of energy, tantalizing production, and reels in hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut and producer Karan Kanchan.

Musical duo Ranjani Ramadoss, best known as RANJ, and Chilpher Christopher aka Clifr add to their impressive string of music releases with the new EP. Released via Azadi Records, a crystalline minute-long harmonizing intro unlocks the EP, followed by the title track ‘Antihero.’ It opens with devilish string arrangements and charges in slick, groovy production, lighting quick rap verses and a catchy chorus. ‘After Years’ emphasizes the pair’s genre-fluid musical approach, with R&B landing in strong.

‘Gemini Type’ is an untamed sharp tune, with RANJ pounding out firey rap lines and mild brooding keys layered in the background. ‘Boo,’ released earlier this month, serves as the group’s robust dance floor offering, while ‘Therapy’ slips a tune into more familiar territory, spewing out witty, flowing lyrics against a score of arcade-game-style chiptune music.

‘2 Good’ concludes the EP fetching in Indian hip-hop stalwarts Seedhe Maut and Karan Kanchan. The three-minute piece discharges rap vocals in Hindi and English to conceive a stellar hip-hop composition. In an exchange about ‘2 Good,’ RANJ conveyed to us, “Working with Seedhe Maut and Karan Kanchan is a dream come true for any artist. They are absolutely devoted to their craft and it’s something to be inspired by. I think we made some magic.” At the same time, Clifr weighed in, expressing, “Karan Kanchan and Seedhe Maut are my dream collabs coming true, they never miss. It’s an honor to be on the same track with them.”

Upon talking to RANJ and Clifr to better gauge ‘Antihero,’ RANJ hailed the EP to us as her “most honest and detailed project yet,” adding that the two went out of their way to cobble together “something intentional and interesting.”

“This EP is my most honest and detailed project yet. Apart from it being shit I wanted to get off my chest, we both pushed ourselves really hard and outside of our comfort zones to deliver something intentional and interesting. I am proud of how much our growth as musicians reflects in the music; we didn’t pay much attention to trends or oversimplify the music,” she added. “The focus was on expressing ourselves freely, experimenting with the sonics, and crafting a new sound. While I have no expectations about how the music will be received, I hope the listeners feel the emotions we felt – the rage, self-belief, heartbreak, inner turmoil, and confidence when they listen to the project.”

Clifr gave us a bit of insight into their songwriting process while showering praise on record producer Vivek Thomas. He shared, “Anti Hero is a hand-picked collection of songs from the vault, each song completed itself as we gave them their own time to grow. Every element is tailored to perfection and these songs will age very well. We never compromise on anything while making a record and this is the fruit of our labor. The songwriting process and production were pretty simple, we sat in different places in our house and worked on each song. Vivek Thomas mixed this whole project and brought it to a new level. It’s always like the first time working with RANJ and she brings out the best.”

RANJ x Clifr’s musical adventure began in mid-2021, first as members of the progressive fusion band Kelvikkuri, then as a collaborative effort between the two. They are regularly seen on stage, having performed at Grasslands Festival in Nepal, VH1 Supersonic in Pune, and presented a refreshing peeled-back rendition of their music at Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Bandra Kurla Complex in 2023. Ranj is known for her vocal dexterity, effortlessly switching between genres, while Clifr exemplifies the roles of a music producer and multi-instrumentalist.

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