TheBoyWithDreams Makes His Debut With New Single, ‘Khudse’

Ranchi-based singer-songwriter Rahul Philip Kerketta, who goes by TheBoyWithDreams, talks about his debut single, ‘Khudse.’

Hailing from Ranchi in Jharkhand, a state in northeastern India that is famed for its numerous folk styles of music, TheBoyWithDreams takes a step into the indie music scene with ‘Khudse.’ The five-minute acoustic single oozes plucky guitar notes and gentle flicks on the keyboard, laid over steady string arrangements. The singer’s voice is as peaceful as a breeze, with the lyrics captured in Hindi.

Speaking about the themes of his new release, TheBoyWithDreams says, “It’s a song about love, self-discovery, and cherishing the moments and then the realization of losing it due to mistakes.” Although ‘Khudse‘ or ‘Myself’ is TheBoyWithDreams’ first solo outing, he has previously collaborated with rapper and friend Sitanshu Pathak aka Zorro on the hip-hop track ‘Umeedein‘ released earlier this year.

We spoke with TheBoyWithDreams about the song, his musical influences, and how it feels to release his first single. He discusses ‘Khudse,’ explaining that the song was inspired by a relationship that is no more and that the music serves as a reminder of that event. “The song talks about how that person’s presence in my life always lifted me and made me grow; the song takes a look at the part where I am in the realization that I lost it because of my own imperfections,” says the artist.

A new talent on the scene, Kerketta says he is a fan of musicians Anuv Jain, Ed Sheeran, Raman Negi, and a pool of indie musicians. The artist also conveys that the storytelling from Indian hip-hop acts like Seedhe Maut, Rawal, and Bharg inspire him. When we touched on what it felt like to release his own music, he said, “It’s quite exciting to explore everything that goes into making and releasing the music, it was work but it felt like a play because I just always wanted it. I Loved the process. Being solo is tough, so I collaborated with friends for production, artwork, etc, and plan to do the same in the future.”

From penning down the song to its release, ‘Khudse’ was a year-long exercise, with Rahul describing the process as “time-consuming,” however, he expressed gratitude to his producer Avinash Indwar for his wisdom, time, and effort. As for the future TheBoyWithDreams has a long way to go with an EP and album in the pipeline. He mentions, “The future is full of new song ideas, making them, surely more collaborations, in a close circle than outside it. I really have the aim to grow with my tribe so we can lift each other up and maybe make a collective of sorts. For now, I really want to tell my stories and build my audience.”

Song credits:
Composer: Rahul Philip Kerketta
Producer Avinash Indwar at Studio Psalms, Ranchi
Guitars by Nitin Nitesh Tigga

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