Pratika and PrabhuNeigh Release Debut EP, ‘Growing Up’

Mumbai-based sibling duo Pratika and PrabhuNeigh channel their childhood experiences on their debut EP, ‘Growing Up.’ The explosive record shifts in three new tracks, with previously released singles ‘Evolution of Thought’ and ‘Survival.’

Growing Up‘ is injected with diligent and robust production from PrabhuNeigh, creating an alluring sonic carpet for each tune and assembling a medley of hip-hop meets metal rhythms plugged with electronic punches and synth work. Pratika’s vocal dexterity is on full display, effortlessly transiting between flowing rap verses, chorusing harmonies, screams, and growls.

The title track ‘Growing Up’ opens the EP, belting out rapid-fire rap bars with Pratika taking listeners through a slew of harrowing experiences in her youth. A pristine chorus bounces off an intoxicating rhythm, echoing, “What does it take for you to leave me alone, you’ve caused a ruin Growing up in silence, I’m sick to the bone, I’m only human.”

Larwie‘ follows next, reeling in a snippet of the jovial ‘Bombay Masala,’ quickly transitioning to a viscous hip-hop piece, coupled with slick production akin to a score from a horror film. Sitting just under four minutes, ‘Same Mistake‘ spews fiery rap lyrics seized by a catchy melodious chorus. Pratika x PrabhuNeigh gave attendees a teaser of these tracks live for the first time all the way back in November 2022 at AntiSocial Mumbai. Earlier releases ‘Evolution of Thought‘ and ‘Survival‘ conclude the duo’s newest project.

Talking about ‘Growing Up,’ Pratika remarks, “It’s been very tough to be so vulnerable about my personal life and place. But it was time to speak about the things I have because I want women and people to know they’re not alone. I want them to think back and gauge how they’ve been taught to stay silent through some of the darkest times in their lives, and I want them to also know that it can get better; you can emerge victorious, you can work through the trauma, and someday, be whoever you want to be.”

“Life has been a rollercoaster for many of us. I, personally, wasn’t very good when it came to my own physical or mental health, and I was among the few people in my family (along with Pritesh) who were open enough to learn that your past and your trauma often stays with you. Most families would prefer not to pay attention to mental health and well-being around us, but if I hadn’t learned what I did by going to therapy and discussing these topics more in an open forum, I wouldn’t have been bold enough to speak about my experiences, or even be outspoken, calling out life and people for what they really were,” adds the rapper.

EP Credits:
Written and performed by Pratika
Music produced by PrabhuNeigh
Mixed and mastered by Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda at The Beast India Company
EP Artwork by Vivek Iyer
Vocals recorded at Hilltop Studios, Borivali (West), Mumbai
‘Evolution of Thought’ Animated music video and artwork by Chinmay Patkar

Find Pratika on: Spotify | Soundcloud 
PrabhuNeigh on: Soundcloud

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