Kusok Releases New EP ‘Noise, Techno’ on Plipki Records

With the widespread success of the EP ‘Nocturnal Animal’ earlier this year, Barcelona-based DJ/producer Kusok returns with the two-track EP ‘Noise, Techno,’ released via Plipki Records.

Retracing her way to the nascences of techno, Barcelona’s rising DJ and producer Kusok (also known as Olly) has rolled out a vivacious opus titled ‘Noise, Techno.’ Albanian record label Plipki Records joins forces with Kusok for her two-track EP, which lays out the gusto of her live sets and genre-defying productions she has put on display since 2018. The EP opens with the titular track ‘Noise, Techno,’ inspired by and emanated as a nod to the documentary ‘WE CALL IT TECHNO!’ It is followed by the otherwordly aural experience lent to the listeners on track two, ‘Alien Behaviour.’

We had a word with Kusok about releasing her latest EP, her experience working with Plipki Records, spearheading her label Rave Me Hard and more!

TFword: Congratulations on the release of your new EP, ‘Noise, Techno.’ What are your thoughts on how the release has taken shape?
Kusok: Thank you! ‘Noise, Techno’ truly reflects my passion for techno music in general. This release is a heartfelt tribute to the roots of the genre, inspired by the documentary ‘WE CALL IT TECHNO!’. I’m delighted with how it has taken shape, and I hope listeners enjoy the journey it offers into the world of techno.

TF: How did ‘WE CALL IT TECHNO!’ documentary transform and inspire you to create ‘Noise, Techno’?
Kusok: ‘WE CALL IT TECHNO!’ is one of my all-time favorite documentaries about the techno scene. The phrase “they call it noise, we call it techno” has always stuck in my head, and I felt a deep connection to it. It became a source of inspiration, and I just knew I had to incorporate that phrase into my work. It felt like the perfect way to pay homage to the roots of techno, and I’m glad it resonated with the project. It indeed worked well and added a meaningful layer to ‘Noise, Techno.’

TF: The hypnotic nature of ‘Alien Behaviour’ neatly captures the intended ethereal aural experience. Talk us through the creative process of the tune.
Kusok: ‘Alien Behaviour’ was quite a journey in terms of its creative process. It went through various iterations and formats before reaching its final version. The key turning point in its development was my experimentation with different synthesizers. I eventually settled on using ANA 2, which really helped to shape the otherworldly sound I was aiming for. As the track started to evolve, it began to resonate with something truly extraterrestrial, almost like a journey through space.

To enhance this spacey vibe, I felt the need to incorporate alien vocals, and you can hear that sample saying in the end. This vocal element added a unique and ethereal dimension to the track, completing the intended aural experience.

TF: How has your experience been working with Plipki Records for this project?
Kusok: Working with Plipki Records on this project has been an incredibly positive experience. The team at Plipki Records is truly amazing, and it’s been a pleasure collaborating with them. I’m grateful for the trust they’ve placed in my sound and the support they’ve provided throughout this creative journey.

TF: You are one of Rave Me Hard’s integral members. What led you to the decision to work on the label alongside your career as a DJ?
Kusok: Rave Me Hard is my music baby. After working within the electronic music scene for several years, it felt like the next natural step in my journey. I had been contemplating this move for quite some time, and the moment had finally arrived when I couldn’t delay it any longer.

TF: What’s coming up next for Kusok?
Kusok: Currently, I’m deep in the creative process, working on new tracks that I’m very excited about. Simultaneously, I’m in the planning stages for my tour schedule in 2024. I have high hopes for the upcoming year and look forward to bringing some fantastic music and experiences to my fans.

‘Noise, Techno’ by Kusok is now available to stream worldwide.

Find Kusok on: Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

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